Merry Christmas Everyone

The title simply reflects the posting date of December the 25th, if you celebrate a different holiday or no holiday at all, I wish you all well.

Yesterday was the 16th anniversary of this blog but to be honest with you I couldn’t be arsed to write my usual yearly summary. Dwindling viewership, limited interaction and lack of enthusiasm prevented me from posting, but perhaps I will give the yearly update later in the week.

As it is Christmas there may be many of you out there all alone, so maybe a good spanking story with whet your whistle and provide you with some entertainment. I’m actually thinking of subscribing to Dreams of Spanking because I do love a good audio story. Pandora has an F/FFF one entitled “Aunt Gillian’s Hairbrush” that I have wanted to listen to for a while now.

I could buy the clip on clips4sale, but why not pay a few extra bucks and view the whole site instead. I’m sure that there are other audios that I would enjoy listening to. Anyway, here is my list of stories and I will be back soon with some rare spanking pictures.

8 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Everyone

  1. A very merry and happiest of holidays this year to the man who should be Santa Claus, or at least his best helper. You provide a plethora of material all year long meant to cause joy to all! I hope this next year finds you healthy, and successful in all your endeavors!

    As always, thanks for sharing!

  2. Richard, your observation about lack of response does not reflect the silent appreciation of your followers. People have been distracted this past year just trying to navigate the economy, not spending a lot of time on line, or using what time they have dealing with all the political woks stuff at schools and in society. I bet sex between adults is down at least 25% as “erotic” stuff isn’t on the menu when you are depressed.
    Hope you will write your year end piece for those who love your site.

  3. Hi Richard, Merry Xmas etcetera.
    It’s been ages since my last post responce, not had much to say.
    The World Cup was good, shame we didn’t do a bit better but, hohum.
    How’s your shoulder? I had a burst stomach ulcer about the same time so I was out of it.
    Ok now though.
    Sorry that you’ve been feeling neglected, pehaps a good spanking would help, works wonders for me.
    Bye for now

    ps Happy New Year

  4. Richard, A very Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Years!

    I know a blog such as yours can be taxing, I try to write for a few sites I belong to and one response to a story I worked on for hours or days can be like a gut-punch. Funny to say, but, being a spanko means you have to have thick skin, hands and butt, and evidently, ego as well!

    Please know that each and every gem you offer, even your non-spanking material, especially the music, is greatly appreciated and, well, loved. Thanks for all you do. You are a posting legend! A titan in our shared fetish!

    Here’s to a New Year, and great and exciting success in all you do!

  5. fatherjim,

    Thank you very much, and a Happy New Year to you as well. Year number 17 has begun 🙂


  6. Stephen,

    Thank you for your kind words!! I think that I was also probably feeling the holiday blues a bit this year, not just on here but with the struggle on Youtube as well. Obviously I no longer have any family to enjoy the Christmas season with so I guess that I was down in the dumps a bit. Comments or not though, I shall resume my spanking activities as I have always done. In fact I have quite a fun new picture to share tomorrow.


  7. Colin,

    Perhaps it was the World Cup that got me down in the dumps, lol, that Harry Kane howler still resonates with me 🙂 Thankfully my shoulder is about 90% back to where it was. It might not ever get back to normal, but if it stays as it is then I can live with that, I only have to make minor adjustments now. Over the years many ladies have made the offer, but I declined each and every time 😉


  8. Fatherjim

    Yeah I have been doing this for so long now, not just here but if other places for the better part of two decades now. I think part of the problem that I find is when I discover a really good spanking photo and it draws no feedback. It really is a gut punch because I would love to talk about the image, but I get nothing but crickets most of the time. On the plus side my stories have always drawn positive interaction so perhaps I need to post a few more stories. At least back in the day I used to be able to joke around with Pixie. I could write a thesis and get zero responses, whereas she could post “Good morning” and get 150 responses, lol. It was always fun to get some ribbing from her. The holidays are over now, so I will be back to my regular posting starting tomorrow.


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