A 1950s Photo Set

Back in the 1950s Irving Klaw started the business of selling BDSM related photo sets from his business on 14th Street in Manhattan. Now I’m not 100% certain that this is an Irving Klaw set, but these are the type that he used to sell. Conventional wisdom would suggest that it is an Irving Klaw set, but as I don’t know it for a fact then I can’t say for sure.

This set has sat on my hard rive for 8 years now, and as Monday’s are normally quiet on this website, why not put up a Monday post and see if I can get some traffic..

I have also been redesigning the affiliate link that I promote, so in the sidebar now I have update the presentation interface as seen here.

2 thoughts on “A 1950s Photo Set

  1. Great stuff, Richard, thanks a lot. There all appears to be a stocking clad lady tied up, ready for later!

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