Swinging For The Fences

Now that looks like a nice sized target to aim for đŸ™‚ If you look carefully I am guessing that the woman about to be paddled has a cigar in her mouth. This is another Ebay find that has been on my hard drive for four years already, and I never noted any details on the image so just as likely as not none were provided either. It definitely looks like an initiation ceremony of some kind, it could even be a sorority pic. I’m afraid that I am not sure. My guess is that it is from the 1930s and is probably an initiation into a women’s club of some sort.

By the way, I have created a new tab called OUTDOORS. This is what I will be adding to all of my outdoor spanking pics. Just bear with me because I have 15 years of posts to get through before I can add the tag to archived posts đŸ™‚ Click on image for the full sized version.