Birthday Bonanza 14 – Kiss Me Kate Again

Here are three more Kiss Me Kate spanking pics for you today, that brings our total so far to 42 out of the planned 60 spanking images.

As I have noted many times in the past, Kiss Me Kate pics don’t really do it for me. They are the low hanging fruit of spanking collectors and even I, as a person who doesn’t even particularly like them, have a folder chock full of them on my hard drive.

Tomorrow I will pause the Birthday Bonanza and bump up the image that I originally had scheduled for next Wednesday, and let me tell you this, the spanking picture that I am going to share with you tomorrow is one of the best spanking images that I have discovered. There was a British guy called Michael who used to write for Spank Statement and I sure hope that he reads this blog from time to time, because he is going to be in for a real treat tomorrow if he does.

Being that I am a big fan of the 1950s, the dress that the woman in the pic is wearing is outstanding. It is a grey gingham dress that has 1950s written all over it, I simply love the whole entire look of the image in general. I won’t go any further, just know that this is one of the best pictures that I have discovered, it is perfect. What is even better is that it is a newspaper pic, but it is so clear that you can see the checks on her gingham dress. Come back tomorrow, you won’t be disappointed that you did.

Why am I talking so much about it today? Quite simple really, I don’t want to spend too much time running off at the mouth tomorrow, I want you all to enjoy it uninterrupted.

2 thoughts on “Birthday Bonanza 14 – Kiss Me Kate Again

  1. I always love KMK spankings.I do prefer the rehearsal ones better than the costumes like you,but I enjoy quantity of otk that KMK presents.great finds this birthday celebration has really been outstanding.thank you so much for sharing all these wonderful finds. I do look forward to your best find as well although I really have several myself that you have already shared.have a great day.

  2. Jim,

    I’m going to be really honest, unless they are really good pics for the most part I completely skip even downloading KMK pics. Probably not good for the community because I am sure that I have found dozens that haven’t even been seen in the community before. As for spanking finds, that is one reason why I try to be as unique as possible. I want to give pics to the community that have not been seen before, or at the very least have not been seen by many people. Whatever I post is always sucked up by another site so eventually it will get more and more exposure, but when I post something I always try to make it new and not regurgitated material. I hope that you like the Roger The 6th image 😉


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