Aladdin Tunic Up

Right now I am trying to write a new script for Youtube and I have a severe case of writer’s block. The problem is I am writing a Mafia story about the murder of a cop, but, nobody was ever convicted of it. So I have to use a lot of political terms such as “Allegedly” and it is difficult. The problem comes from the fact that the police knew who did it, but that person was found not guilty on account of witnesses changing testimony. It is a hard story to write. What is unique is that the mob boss of the crime family that is alleged to have killed the cop was none other than Vincent ‘The Chin’ Gigante, and the location where the murder happened is 50 yards from where a young Vincent Gigante fought seven times as a pro boxer some 40 years prior.

I made a short 11 minute documentary on VINCENT GIGANTE’S PRO BOXING CAREER if anyone is interested.

Anyway, I’m sure you guys aren’t here to read my drivel, here is a picture of Aladdin getting caned OTK on her underwear.

4 thoughts on “Aladdin Tunic Up

  1. Fantastic handle on Gigante’s boxing career. I’m sure locals would love this stuff. I’m from Cleveland, and I found it interesting! Nice job! Love that accent!

    The pic, BTW, is fabulous. Pretty risqué for the time, I would think, even moreso now. Damn prudes! Lol! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jim,

    For the timeframe it was indeed a unique spanking, though the knickers look more like shorts 🙂


  3. Theo,

    And to think, that happened night after night! I wonder if she mixed it up and wore different colors each night? 😉


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