50 Quid Caning

Tomorrow will be the 17th anniversary of this blog and I have a special Christmas spanking picture ready for you. In relation to my post yesterday, if anyone knows the person behind the persona “Jameslovebirch” could you get them to reach out to me? I’m not on social media anymore so I have no idea if they have a Fetlife or Twitter profile. That was the username, to my knowledge, that edited Pixie’s wiki page and I want to make sure that the information is corrected. They can email me at richardofwindsor@gmail.com

I’m only throwing this post up so that I can ask the question above, but as I am here I will share a newspaper article. I’m not sure of the exact year but it is before 1979 as that is when Rhodesia became Zimbabwe. Salisbury is now known as Harare.

7 thoughts on “50 Quid Caning

  1. Obviously £50 was a lot more money then, but a fine alone looks pretty lenient from the vantage point of 2023!

  2. I love that she chose to stand on the flight. She obviously over-acted the pain from her caning. Curious that she turned down a spanking in lieu of the cane???? Secret masochist I would wager. Thanks for sharing such a sweet gem!

  3. Theo,

    I also thought it was sad that I actually remember Rhodesia as a country, lol. It is quite amazing that this was even something that was a consideration. In the modern day that would likely be a jail sentence!!


  4. Fatherjim,

    I have a feeling that she was more concerned with being in close contact with Captain Creep 😉 Can you imagine the conversation with other Stewardesses? Perhaps it was the inspiration for the Will Henry book called ‘Spanking Stewardesses’.


  5. My pleasure, Rich! It was good to see even the judges of those days grasping that her consent was coerced.

    I would wager he’d done stuff like this before, it seemed like a well oiled routine, Captain Creep, as you said.

    It reminds me of the end line of the old Batman TV series, “don’t try this at home!”

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