F/M Friday 5

You know that time where you are down to your last Christmas present, or the last episode of your favorite show, or even worse, the last roast potato on your Sunday lunch? Once you have finished it that is it, there is no more. That’s how I feel moving the latest NATALIE WOOD spanking post down the page, I want it to stay at the top of the page for as long as possible. The only solace that I get is that next week I will do a Natalie Wood wrap up post where I consolidate all information that I have gathered on her these last 13 years.

Come back tomorrow because I am going to post an update on the well known Ann-Margret spanking photo. It isn’t exactly going to be earth shattering, however I was able to piece together a nice little morsel which I think some of you may find interesting. There is a lot of fanciful writing out there regarding Miss Olsson,  what I am trying to do is portray an honest account of the famous Life spanking photo. Come back tomorrow for that information, and like I said, it isn’t anything big, it is more like a bit of honest trivia.

The F/M COLLECTION spankings this week seem to follow the same theme. Just because you have left home it doesn’t mean that you have left ALL Maternal guidance behind you. In Loco Parentis means that your spankings are going to continue for a while yet.

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