F/M Friday 46

It still surprises me being that my blog is almost exclusively M/F and F/F spanking, that the F/M spanking folder is the most viewed page on this website. So far for the year that page has slightly more visits than my SPANKING STORIES PORTAL, but those two pages are the most popular by a country mile. So, as the interest is there I will keep playing for the public, or more like paying because it costs me money to access these images đŸ™‚

Tomorrow I am going to share with you my latest purchase, though I don’t actually have the pic in hand yet, I am still waiting for it. It is an awesome sailor spanks girl image that I actually paid for, and when I get the actual copy delivered I will scan it and see if I can’t present an awesome version of it. Much like the recent NATALIE WOOD SPANKING FIND that I paid for to present to you guys, I don’t mind on occasion paying cold hard cash for material for you all to enjoy. I have quite the collection of spanking pictures that I have paid for over the years, and perhaps one day I will sell it all.

Anyway, here is today’s image, it is from the play “Jack and the Giant”, the rest is self explanatory and is written on the image. I know that you are all smart people đŸ˜‰ This will be added to the F/M SPANKING COLLECTION folder.