F/M Friday 41

Okay, so it has been a couple of weeks since I last posted, but I am still here. While I might not post as frequently as I once did, just remember that the blog will always be here. Whether I post or not the same amount of readers come here daily for my archived material.

Yes, it is that time of year again where yet another year passes. On Monday it is my birthday and I turn 59 years old, and you know what that means. It means that I will have just 365 days left before I turn 60 years old.

Twenty years ago I remember vividly being so excited about turning forty, it was something that I was actually happy about. Perhaps the scene had something to do with it? At the time I was brand new to the spanking world as an active member and it was like I had arrived at the pearly gates, there was so much excitement that lay ahead.

Even to this day I consider myself the luckiest man alive, I was blessed with some of the most awesome spanking partners that a person could wish for. Everything that I ever wanted I got, only I got it ten fold, it was far greater than I could have ever possibly have imagined. A few years back I started to question what I had in a positive way, it was so great that I wondered if I had climbed to the top of the mountainside and there was no place left to go. In a way I still feel that way, what I got out of the scene was far greater than I thought it would be and I have memories to last a lifetime. I’m pretty sure that it can’t be topped, and I have most of it on video as well, lol.

Nowadays though, starting on Monday I begin the countdown to that horrific sounding number of 60 🙂 It is like a reversal of when I turned 40, I have now left the scene altogether because I got so turned off by it. My only contact with the spanking world is through this blog and through the emails that I exchange with people. That doesn’t mean that I am no longer active, it just means that I now play privately like I did before I started going to parties. I am pretty certain that there are still some magical scenes to come in the future as well, and I am determined to make one final film if it kills me. It might be a ways off yet but I do keep the idea firmly in my mind for what I want.

Anyway, I’m just checking in, and it was a perfect time to dump a great cartoon that I would have had a hard time finding a spot for. I’m pretty certain that there are dozens of women who I have pissed off over the years in the spanking world who would love to take a raincheck for the image above, though in my case they are just as likely to have the knives out to stab me in the back with, lol 🙂

The image is from a Florida newspaper circa 1956 and it actually has nothing to do with birthday spanking, but it was too good not to find a place to share it with you all.

8 thoughts on “F/M Friday 41

  1. Hey well Happy belated Birthday sir. I am 67 but will say turning 60 was easy for me. I do believe the old adage that you are as old as you feel.

    Many more for you.

    Great image, love it totally. Nice one.

    Best wishes

  2. Happy birthday! Richard, I will be 70 in December, I regard that as just past middle age as I plan to live to 100, I wasn’t supposed to survive my birth being 11 weeks prem at 2lbs 7oz. Bye for now, Aussie Jenny.

  3. Richard, I’m just short of 65, and to be honest, 60 was just another birthday for me. Hope yours brings you all you could wish for! If there is any good side to getting older. Young girls think you are a cute grandfather type and you are no longer just a dirty old-man. If I ever have to go to a nursing home that will be my defense! Happy Birthday and here’s to your next as well!

  4. Hey Ron,

    My birthday is actually this upcoming Monday 🙂 Let me just say, I feel every bit of my 59 years, lol.


  5. Jenny,

    The median age of my family members at the time of death is 61.25 🙂 As I am about to be 59 I do hope to up that average age some 😉


  6. Fatherjim,

    Well I still have one more year before the big 60, so maybe I can still be a dirty old man for another 365 days 🙂 Everything is still working as normal, so at least I seem to be in good health, other than the usual aches and pains of course.


  7. I guess what I was trying to really say was that age is just about perspective. Enjoy your 59th year and don’t worry about being 60. As far as your gene pool goes, well be the first to hit 70 and show that DNA who is boss! Your attitude has everything to do with it.

    You need to know that among those of us who share this “HOBBY”, you are a legend. You have spanked so many gorgeous and wonderful women, written wonderful stories, you are a true detective when it comes to ferreting out spanking pics, and you are s0 generous with sharing what you find. You have made films that are classics, and you probably know more about the world than most, especially about Japan!

    I only say all this to encourage your continued positive attitude that will surely lead to a positively longer life!

    About the F/M pic this week. In High School, one of my best friend’s mom, a real MILF, was a Sunday School teacher and she had her own paddle which she made those students she paddled sign. I watched her make her 18yo daughter and her friend take several swats at home and made them sign the paddle. I dreamt of her paddling me for years. She was a looker, but could easily have done the job physically! If foresight was only 20/20, my name would be on that dang paddle.

    AS always, thanks for all you do!

  8. Fatherjim,

    Also going in my favor is that I haven’t eaten meat for what is it, like 35 years now or so, so my heart should be stronger than the other members of my family. I have a feeling that I have many years left yet, just as long as I treat my body well. I very much appreciate your kind words my friend, it is inspiring and kindness begets kindness. The blog will be around for many years to come. Even if my interest wanes I have such a vast collection of material that I will continue to happily share it.

    Thanks as well for sharing a personal tale, I am sure that many readers will enjoy hearing that story.


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