F/M Friday 18

This week I had started to write part four of my MOTHER SPANKS SERIES. This chapter of the story was going to be called MOTHER SPANKS DAUGHTER – THE BOYFRIEND. The goal of course was my intention of having it ready by Friday so that I could add it as my weekly F/M update. There is a bit of a writers block though as I have never written an F/M story before, with the exception of including one in my FLY ON THE WALL story. In my opinion the beginning of the story looks fine, with background info on both parties and how they got to where there currently are. The struggle though is getting to the point in the action, and how we get there. A young man who has just started to enjoy the thoughts of spanking having heard his girlfriend get one, then her best friend, and then he himself got to spank the pair of them. Spanking is new to him.

He is helping his girlfriend’s mother out and the two of them are alone. She of course is a firm believer in spankings and felt that not only Elaine, but her boyfriend and her best friend should have also been spanked for her missing curfew. The problem is though, while she thinks it, she also dismisses it because it is none of her business. While the young man hasn’t even thought of being spanked, his focus is on the girls. I’m looking for that line that connects all of the dots, the line that is a matter of fact, but when it is delivered it gives them both a moment of pause of “What if”?

He is about to bite off far more than he can chew, and she is just going to go about her natural business as if she was spreading butter on toast. I just don’t know how to get there, lol.

Our image this week to be added to the F/M COLLECTION is quite a unique one. I’m not sure who the lady is, but on this blog I don’t care so much about that just as long as you have fun. Is it his mother? A teacher? The Mayor? The new assistant coach? Whomever she is, basketball will no longer be the same at this college.

6 thoughts on “F/M Friday 18

  1. Sounds like you are on the right track but must be hard as you are a top only but can’t wait.

    I say it is his mom or grandmother after he gets a technical for cursing out the ref.


  2. Hi, call me an ignorant Brit if you like but please, how do you know that they’re playing basketball?

  3. Looking forward to the next installment of the Mother spanks series. Joining the dots, could it be as simple as the hairbrush ( or whatever) the mother used to spank her daughter hasn’t been put away? Whilst the boyfriend is helping the mother, they come across the brush, she comments about elaine being spanked for missing curfew with this, and it’s her opinion that both of them should have been spanked, but as she has no juristriction over him, being an honourable lad, and no idea how much pain the brush can create, he volunteers his rear.


  4. Thanks for the reply, Alf. Right now I have just talked about the feelings of each person but haven’t connected the dots yet. I’m thinking along the lines that the Mother mentions that Elaine still gets spanked in a nonchalant manner and Tim says that he will try his best to make sure it doesn’t happen again. That is where the Mother will say that if it does happen again then there will be no more next time. That would give him the guilty feeling and perhaps open an avenue for an open discussion.


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