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I am a 58 year old Englishman currently living in New York City with a penchant for spanking and Rockabilly music. Since coming out in the scene I have been fortunate enough to work with some wonderful people,  though just having a name in the scene is of little importance to me.

One area that I take great pride in and has been mentioned about me many times by others,  is that I am an open an honest individual. It can be difficult to walk the line between honesty and being rude,  but I like to think that my casual approach wins over.

What is it that I seek in a partner?

In a nutshell I am an out and out spanker,  I prefer playful and fun over serious and discipline. One area that confuses people is that they automatically assume playful and fun is a light spanking,  that is far from the truth. The “atmosphere”  is playful and fun,  the spanking itself is still the same as it would be elsewhere.

Over the years I have taken part in many roleplays,  from Teacher to Uncle to Santa,  I have even played the roles of Hagrid and the Big Bad Wolf on film 🙂 The discipline side is still something that I work on,  I have explored it to some degree but I prefer  “Funishment”  where I can play a role as opposed to being a disciplinarian. Each case is based on its own merit and I would never say that I would never be in a D/D relationship,  but the chances are that I won’t.

Overall I am still the playful guy,  but I have started to tap into my dark side 😉

Aesthetics play an important role in my scenes,  there are certain things that I prefer my spankee to wear that enhances my enjoyment of the scene. Very few tops point out what it is that they want from a scene,  I have no such issues requesting what it is that will improve my scene. What a top gets out of spanking is as important as what a bottom gets out of it. It is as simple as a skirt and nylon panties,  but it can be a world of difference to a top. The feedback that I get from women is that they get little feedback from a man when it comes to what they like,  I’m very different in that area,  I will gladly tell you what I like.

A girl with a smart mouth and a sassy attitude is something that I enjoy,  as is a young lady of a submissive demeanor. I’m not one for bratting at all though. Something playful and cute can be a lot of fun if it is designed to get a girl a spanking,  constant annoyance with childish behavior though is the antithesis of fun for me. Please don’t misread that,  I LOVE fun and playful girls,  I just don’t like excess.

What I am looking for.

It is cliche to say,  but the looks of an individual are far less important than the emotional connection that we make. A person’s attitude is of high importance to me however. I prefer fun loving,  caring individuals. Drama Queens can stay out of my life. It is something that I don’t think I see said too much,  but I prefer a sweet girl over an abrasive one,  someone who views life in a positive manner. Yes,  that is VERY important to me. We all have down moments in our life and we all need someone to share that with,  I understand and respect that. One of the biggest turn offs to me though is constant negativity,  I just can’t handle that. I’m very old school in that manner,  it is ingrained in me that when something bad happens to you,  you suck it up and you deal with it!!

Like I said, we all have things that will get us down and we will want to share that,  but when it is one thing after another after another,  the  ‘Debbie Downer’  syndrome as I call it,  that is an approach to life that I just cannot relate to.

Are looks important? To some degree I would say yes,  they are, but it is who is defining the looks that is important. I like eccentric characters,  I like girls with a pink streak in her hair or an arm full of bracelets,  somebody quirky and fun loving,  somebody different.  It is also important to me that the girl is a kind person. I,  myself,  am kind by nature,  and the people I like to spend the most time with are also kind individuals. It is probably the single most important thing to me,  women who are kind people.

One statement that is repeated to me time and again by people wanting to play with me is this… “I’m not like the skinny girls that I see in your pics”

So let’s put that one to bed. The reason the girls in my pics are skinny is because they are paid spanking models who have no problem being seen on the Internet. Likewise,  most of these pictures are also from paid assignments that I have been paid to appear in myself. They are not a reflection of who I play with overall,  though you will see some of these girls play with me outside of paid assignments. The reason for that is because they are genuine people who I have befriended and whose company I enjoy. 95% of people who I have played with do not wish for their pictures to be seen,  therefore no one can really interpret the type of individual I play with. Who do I play with? Just go to a party and you will see. Size has little bearing to me,  it is all about the emotional connection.

What do I do aside from spanking?

It is a bit of a mixed bag really,  I love studying things,  whether they be history or etymology. I’m an avid fan of British TV and films and I am a lover of soccer and hockey. There is a lot to what I like,  so much so that I would take up too much time writing about it. Just ask me and I will tell you 🙂

Anyway,  I’m a very honest person,  if you have a question feel free to ask me 🙂

63 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello Richard,
    I’ve been reading your blog for quite a time now. I just ran across the article below and thought it might be a good source for you to find a few more spanking in the movies references:
    {New York Times Article}
    All the best,

  2. To my knowledge there is no adult spanking scene in the movies featuring Jane Withers, so I doubt if the article would appeal to this blog, thanks for the suggestion though.

  3. Hello Richard

    I’ve been a long time lurker. I’ve been a collector of spanking pics and art since 1966. In 1998 I transferred my pics to digital form but I have misplaced 2 that I would like to find again. I’m hoping that you might have them. The first was a photo of one of the nw doms. It might have been Jamison. She had just been spanked and was walking away from the camera rubbing her bottom and looking back over her shoulder with a tear stained face. It appeared in one of Ed Lee’s little publications. I think it was CP. If you think you have this I’d love to see it again. I’d be happy to discuss pics and art further with you if you’d like to contact me.


  4. Hi Richard, I saw your fairly recent post about the DIL series with Dana Specht. I enjoy your site, so I thought I Wallis reach out, as I’m ‘Salena’s” real life husband.
    Shoot me a mail if you’d like to chat, cheers.

  5. Hi Richard! Just wanted to say hi as I’ve recently discovered your site (I would’ve sent an email but can’t find one!). I’ve never been spanked but I’ve recently become very curious about it and your site has provided me with so much content and has me blushing whenever I browse through it!! Thanks for putting together such an awesome (and naughty) site and feel free to email me if you ever want to chat!

  6. Hello,
    What a nice blog.

    I’m a single (widow) female (43 years young) from Sweden with a teenage daughter.
    I was spanked by my father when I grow up. When I got married my late husband did also spank me. My dad still spanks me when I need it…

  7. Anna,

    Thank you for stopping by, I hope that you are able to find some good material here to enjoy. My blog has been around for 16 years so I am sure that there is something to tickle your fancy in my archives.


  8. Hi Richard

    Love your blog, and pleased that you are able to find some F/M material, which is my particular interest.

    Knowing from your past interviews that you are a friend of the great Dana Specht, I wonder if you are able to shed any light on why she seems to have dropped off the radar? The last updates to her website and Twitter page were August 2021, and she no longer features in any articles in the spanking media. Surely if she had officially retired, mention would have been made somewhere? I hope she is ok, and would appreciate any news that you may have. Many thanks and best wishes. Matt

  9. Hi Matt,

    Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately I do not have any news that I can pass onto you. Since I dropped off of spanking social media, unless someone contacts me through this blog then I have no contact with anyone in the spanking community anymore. Quite literally. I do have quite a few spanking pen pals, but that is the limit to my existence in the spanking community.

    A couple of years ago I helped Dana with the revamping of her website. She had a new webmaster who was new to blogging so I worked with him closely to build a blog, and also rework aspects of the paysite. Then I also threw some ideas about creating new content from old material. During that time I had communication with Dana, more so in the vain of “I’m going to do this to your site, any objections”?

    Once the webmaster was up to speed I backed out and then only had input if a problem occurred and they needed my help. So unfortunately my friend I don’t have any updates for you in regards to Dana Specht. Perhaps she is taking a health related break and is getting ready for a big comeback. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

    All of the interviews that I did with her were designed exclusively for her website, but maybe I will put one of them up here as well.


  10. Hi Richard

    Many thanks for your reply. I had no idea you had helped Dana with her website, so well done, it is a huge improvement on how it was previously.

    It is strange how nothing seems to be said about Dana now on the various blogs and social media sites, as she always seemed to have a presence and fairly high profile. Perhaps some of your site visitors can maybe shed some light? Thank you anyway. Best wishes


  11. Hey Richard, I’ve always loved your content good sir. I’m stuck on an old show that ran in Germany from 1977 to around 86 or 87. Specifically, an episode of “Auf los Geht’s los’ or Let’s Go! (I think..I don’t actually speak German, sorry) from 1982 or 83. It’s scene where in Joachim “Blacky”Fuchsberger, host and movie/tv star, either spanks or doesn’t spank a young Désirée Nosbusch. He does however place the little darling over his knee on national TV. Desiree had in the previous year, stood up to the Bavarian Minister President Franz Josef Strauss via phone for his callus treatment of a young lady over her weight. Désirée called him out and got banned for a year. When she returned to the show a year later, Blacky symbolically placed her over his lap. I don’t think he actually spanked her, but it was classic TV we will never see again. I’m not real sure he didn’t. There’s only a short clip on YouTube but not much else. Are you pervy to any information? Love to get the lowdown if you know anything. Thanks Richard

  12. Ghostrunner,

    I’m afraid the scene that you mention is not something that is familiar to me. Somewhere in my house I have the entire ‘Cinema Swats’ collection so if it is on there then I have likely seen it. However, based on your description I will certainly head to Youtube to check the scene out.


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