Windsor Wednesday Classic – 273

A little over three years ago I found this STAGE SPANKING IMAGE from the early 1990’s which was spread over two pages. Despite the line down the middle the image wasn’t too bad all things considering.

Well guess what, in the two hours that I got to search a newspaper archive for free on Monday, I also found the same spanking in a newspaper article that had been added in recent months.

I have to admit, I’m a bit bummed over the quality of the image. The entire newspaper page that the image comes from is perfect, as in really clear and detailed, yet for some reason the spanking image is distorted. Let’s hope that it was just for this scan and that the image will show up again in the near future, I mean at least we know it is there now.

The image is from the play “Man of Seventeen” and I will add this to my VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS folder where the original image that I found is also located.

As you will see, this version of the spanking is taken from a completely different angle, and unlike the first posed image, this one appears to show the action underway due to her kicking feet and her loose hand getting ready to reach back 🙂 Obviously it is probably still posed, but at least it looks like a spanking is taking place.

Here is the original that I had found if you don’t like clicking links 😉

4 thoughts on “Windsor Wednesday Classic – 273

  1. I loved both versions. The first does look like a real spanking is going on, and the second is a clear version of the same. As always, thanks for sharing.

    In my younger days I imagined young ladies across the world were getting spanked somewhere in the world probably at any moment. The very thought drove me insane that I would never know of most if not all of those spankings. Pics such as these were my only hope to capture some, even if just fantasy, that I had missed. These and pics like them are the fodder for my imagination and writing so I thank you for feeding my creative needs! As always! Thanks!

  2. Likewise, Jim, for decades I would think of different scenarios almost every minute of the day, lol. Now that I have got older I no longer feel that way, well, not all the time anyway. The good thing is though I still enjoy sharing pictures, even if I no longer get the same thrill that I once did. It is still there, and in the right environment I am sure that I would find the potential exciting, it’s just that it is now just one piece of my makeup whereas before it defined my makeup.


  3. Wow I agree with both of you the clear scan is superb in what I look for myself otk, smiling spankee and other intangibles that are unique to me at least.the second one does look like a real spanking because of the things you said and at my age a blurred image does seem quite normal sometimes.great find thanks for sharing and all the research you put into all your posts. Enjoy your day.

  4. Jim,

    The more that I think about it, I wonder if I have posted the blurry pic before. It is quite likely that I might have posted it on my old vintage blog but I simply forgot. Of course after 17 years of blogging I can’t always remember everything that I have posted, but I do have a pretty good memory.


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