Windsor Wednesday Classic –14

This has been a really tough week at work due to my work colleague visiting family in Asia. He will be gone for two weeks and I am up to my neck with work. It is a pity really because I am in a writing mood but I have no time to write anything. Hopefully over the weekend I can share some pics with you that I took with a wonderful girl by the name of ellee,you can see them on Fetlife already.

This week’s Windsor Wednesday Classic is from 1956. A senior play which of course is the spanking scene from “Men are like Streetcars”,enjoy.

2 comments to Windsor Wednesday Classic – 14

  • NJSpank

    Hope your work slows down….this is a lovely spanking pic,thanks.

  • jim

    i love your finds and thank you for sharing them with us. i have an intrest in finding out if the orginal play(1938) has the spanking in it and why it is considered to be such a great play that it was done by so many school drama departments (i enjoy the various spanking pics of course) but my intrest is why the spanking happened like in Little hut,Kiss me kate and any of the other spanking stage plays that abound at all these different levels to be produced (somehow i doubt that the person who came up with the idea to prodce them was the same person,but was surely a spanko). Thank you

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