Windsor Wednesday Classic – 134

It is finally time for me to create a new page on this site to separate some of the images that I have. Many of you would have noticed that my BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS folder is not just solely birthday spankings, I also include images that are playful spankings that have a birthday spanking vibe to them. So it is time for me to separate the two and I have created a brand new folder entitled PLAYFUL SPANKINGS.

It is in its infancy and will take me a while to edit the site, so today’s image will be the first in the new folder. This is basically the fault of WordPress due to their most recent updates. Previously I would have been able to drag and drop, but under the new format I have to manually edit the HTML code for every image. It’s a pain in the bum but it is something that I am capable of doing.

Another item that I am going to do is write about my trip to Japan from the notes that I took. Just yesterday I downloaded all of the images off of my phone and I’m ready to add some vanilla stories along with my regular updates.

So the first entry for the new PLAYFUL SPANKINGS folder is from 1949. The young man is displaying good form with his positioning, hand placement and of course the spanking hand in motion. As for the girl, I have to be honest, I can’t help but see the slip/petticoat being displayed at the bottom of the skirt. When I grew up virtually every girl wore a slip under her skirt/dress and it is something that I think is sorely missing in spanking videos. When I make my coup de grace spanking video you can be assured that there will be a lengthy spanking delivered to the seat of a slip!!

2 comments to Windsor Wednesday Classic – 134

  • I do indeed agree with Richard there is something ultra feminine when a woman is correctly attired with a pretty petticoat and adds deliciously to the spanking as you lay her across your knee then peel back the layers as the spanking gathers pace. I have always been a spanko and once i finally broke into making spanking films @ Spankingservices they ladies I worked with were at an age where they still wore petticoats hence I insisted for my small input they should be worn whenever we shot a new film production. The lady behind Spankingservices, Liz who is a professional spanking switch in Maidenhead really made it her trademark to wear 1950s dresses and petticoats over 16 years ago.

    Keep up the good work

    John @ SpankingServices

  • Richard Windsor


    I’m very much aware of your work and I enjoy your online clips very much so. I’m a big fan of petticoat spankings and many years ago I used to converse with Liz via email.


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