Windsor Wednesday Classic – 115

I’m just back from the annual Boardwalk Badness party and like everyone else,  I have a serious case of sleep deprivation. One of the good parts about the post party is that on the bus ride home from Atlantic city I was able to write half a story on my phone. The story will be up in the next day or two and is inspired by a writer of spanking stories,  a real life spanking that I was the cameraman for,  and also from some feedback on the Story Survey.

Now for the Wednesday Spanking Classic this week,  we go back to the year of 1952 in Port Jervis,  NY for some senior superlatives. I have two copies of this spanking,  with each bringing something to the table. The first copy is a clearer copy of the spanking,  while the second one has more details about the participants.

Some observations as well. Bob has a mighty big hand going on there,  I have no doubt he would leave a lasting impression. Bob’s lap also seems big enough to hold a second girl if need be. Last observation,  why is there a full length mirror in from of Eleanor? Is there something we don’t know? Once this picture was taken,  did she have to watch a proper spanking,  her own!!? Let me know your thoughts.

These will be added to my SENIOR SUPERLATIVES folder.

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