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A couple of changes have been made to the website,  though most of you won’t spot them. First of all my website was up for renewal this week and I did consider scrapping the site and moving over to a free format. Obviously the problem is that I have had this site for 12 plus years now so I didn’t want to give it up for someone to swoop in and grab it,  I’ve put far too much work into the site over the years. It was a consideration to move to a free platform though due to a lack of interaction,  but I will persevere and I paid for another year of the site.

Secondly,  I removed all links that were pointing to the questions and answers project that I tried. Quite frankly it wasn’t popular and I received only a smattering of questions,  and then lately someone has decided that the form was to be used for their personal beef with the spanking world. It wasn’t really the design of the questions and answers,  I created it to get some user interaction but it didn’t work out. Rather than get the constant message in my email that we need to kowtow to the preference of one person,  I have decided to remove all traces of the form. It goes against the spirit of what I was trying to achieve.

Perhaps when I return from the Boardwalk Badness Party I will do a video giveaway in one post where people can ask me a question and receive a link to an online video in return.

The image today comes from Ebay. The link to the auction is RIGHT HERE,  so if you want this image for your personal collection you can bid on it. The image doesn’t state who the characters are but one would assume that it is husband and wife. The year is given as 1940 but I’m going to guess that it is actually closer to the 1950’s than anything. I will find this out when more pictures of this couple are shared. If they show the back of any of these photos then I can date them by the watermark of the film being used.

This image will be added to my PLAYFUL SPANKINGS folder.

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  • Ms Ash

    Heh, I recognize that posting style (and as someone who enjoys F/F exclusively, heartily disagree with it…but to each their own, as we ALL should remember).

    Sorry your Q&A posts didn’t receive better treatment, but we’re all grateful for your site and for the time and work you put into it. Keep it up…as long as you enjoy doing so.

  • Richard Windsor

    Yeah I received the first message in January of 2009 on this site so it has been a joy for the last ten years to hear the same song playing over and over 🙂

    I’m not too worried about the Q and A, I mean partially it is my fault because I haven’t been as active as I have been in the past. Perhaps in the future if I continue with regular updates it may get a second running, let’s hope so.

  • jimc

    like MS. Ash i too am sorry that your Q and A page went away i had thought of several my self, but i too visit the site often but cannot always comment due to computer issues or other problems. I always appreciate your site as finding mainstream spanking is a joy unto itself as finding otk pictures from the past in their outfits and their expressions (as mostly enjoying getting spanked) i do look forward to seeing them. I do really think that all your research is top notch and i really have enjoyed most of what you post as a M/F or F/F admireri am not that big a fan of F/M and while i reconize thatspanking is a trek that each of has their own likes and pleasures i will only look for what appeals to me. This was supposed to be a thank you note for all you do and how much i have enjoyed your site over the years esp. the candids and the many otk that you share. Thanks again and have a great day. Oh yes there have been several times that i tried to comment and for some reason i could not reach your site i could view, but not respond.

  • Richard Windsor


    I have always appreciated your feedback and it is people like yourself that encourage me to keep posting. I would never want anyone to feel that they are forced to comment, I really only want them to comment when they feel that there is something that they want to comment on. That said mind you, I can sometimes go thousands of visitors and not get so much as a single comment, yet my findings are used to make other spanking blogs popular on my dime 🙂


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