Inside The Spankers Studio With Dana Specht (Part 1)

Post party drop blows. It is 4am and I am posting this completely unable to sleep, today is going to suck at work.

At the Boardwalk Badness Party I sat down with Dana Specht and recorded our version of Inside The Spankers Studio. The video is one hour long in total and here is the first part. In this video you get to see clips from Dana’s films and you hear from Dana talking about them. Click the banner below to visit her site where all of the clips came from.

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  • NJSpank


    Not sure if the video is working right but could be my machine.

    However, I must say this lady is wonderful. I have not had the pleasure but sure would love to be over her lap, as a switch, she is a dream spanker to me. The voice is magnificent, her lecturing is as good as her spanking. Ms. Specht has just lovely hands and a lap to die for. Can not imagine what it is like for her to lock the legs down! Wow, from what I saw, about 2 minutes, love the interview, you do a great job Richard, thanks.



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