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It is with great pleasure that Mike and Jules Tanner are able to announce the release of their Strictly Spanking Videos website. A team of us have worked very diligently over the last few months to get this project underway, and just as importantly, within a few more weeks the really big site, The Strictly Spanking Network will also be launched. That site alone is going to be huge and will have numerous avenues of interest including free videos, live webcam, instructional videos and its own bulletin board.


First up, you bloggers know how tedious and time consuming it is to add blog links to your site, especially if you are trying to do them en masse. Now I will eventually get to adding them proactively, however, priority is going to be given to those who request a link exchange. If you look you will see that the website is in the format of a blog, that was deliberate on our part, therefore the blog links will also be displayed the same as they would on any other spanking blog. We anticipate a lot of traffic to this site as the Strictly Spanking Videos deal with real disciplinary spankings. So if you early birds wanted to be linked in straight away, add to your list and drop me a line at and I will add your blog to our blogroll. Just bear in mind though, if you have like 672 spam blogs we aren’t going to list them all, just a link exchange with your main site.

So what is on offer from Strictly Spanking Videos?

The concept is simple, girls, models included, go to Strictly Spanking Videos to be punished for a real offense. Coach Mike Tanner first gives them a hand spanking and that is followed by the Strictly Lickin’ Stick and then the dreaded Family Strap. You will also see a bathbrush deployed from time to time as well as a paddle. So far the company has about 12 videos for sale, and having seen most of them myself, each and every spanking ends up with the girl in tears. Every single video!!

The spankings given by Mike Tanner are a delightful example of how a disciplinarian maintains control and lets his words, demeanor, and controlled spanking get through to the girls. This isn’t about hitting a girl as hard as you can in a vain attempt to prove toughness, these videos are about an emotional connection between a caring disciplinarian and the charges who have gone to visit him. Don’t get me wrong, the spankings are indeed very hard, and the strappings given to each girl to finish the session will make most people wince, but I think what most everybody will be interested in is the care and protection that these spankings are given in. Mike Tanner is an exceptional disciplinarian and he reaches the girls far more from his words than he does with the physical part of the discipline. It isn’t unusual at all for a girl to be crying long before the hand spanking is over with.

All of the camera work is done by Jules and aside from that she is also the person who does all of the video editing, the voice overs, and she is the master editor of all the clips and DVD’s. Once you watch a Strictly Spanking Videos DVD you will get to see what a wonderfully professional job she does with these productions. I was also privy to watch a full length custom video that they did and let me tell you, I was truly amazed at the structure and filming of this wonderful video. From a webmastering point of view I work with Jules closely, and you guys would probably have no idea just how much work she puts into the site from behind the scenes. In fact the whole production itself is a true collaboration from what models are hired, the locations they film in, and of course the structure of how the video is going to go in the first place. Several people work behind the scenes with Strictly Spanking Videos, none more so than Jules who works tirelessly to produce the finished product.

There are several options for you to see these videos, both online and on DVD. At this time all DVD’s are available for sale from Strictly Spanking Videos and at the bottom of this post you will see the address where you can order the DVD’s for yourself. There will also be the opportunity for you to purchase these videos online through both the Clips4Sale and Spanking Library websites that they have. You can access both of these sites by clicking on the banners below. The great option about Clips4Sale is that you can purchase the clips for the scenes that you like. Let’s say for instance that you only like strapping, you have the option to just buy the strapping part of the video as opposed to the whole video itself. Let me add that if you do like strapping you won’t be disappointed watching each girl be reduced to tears under the family strap.

The Clips4Sale site and the Spanking Library site have only just begun. On these sites currently you will be able to see the first video release, Pixie’s Punishment. Now as I stated, if you go to Strictly Spanking Videos you will see all of the girls who have appeared in a video listed down the left side, and ALL of these DVD’s are available for purchase right now. From an online streaming standpoint, we will be adding one full video a week to the Clips4Sale store and the Spanking Library store, and there is enough material for the next six to eight months already.  

The next video to be released on Clips4Sale and Spanking Library will be the discipline of Leia Anne Woods.

If you have any questions relating to appearing in a Strictly Spanking Video, or simply to ask about the DVD’s on sale, contact either or Any questions relating to link exchanges you can contact me directly at

To purchase Pixie’s DVD, send a check or money order to the following address. DVD’s will be mailed the same day the check clears.

$20 + $3.95 Shipping

Philly Born Productions
PO Box 194
Langhorne, PA 19047

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