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Windsor Wednesday Classic – 191

As you all know by now, I am working on my vanilla Youtube project. Last week I did my first proper narrated documentary, walking around famous graves near to me. People such as Harry Houdini, (The Cowardly Lion) Bert Lahr and mobster Arnold Rothstein amongst others. The number of views that I am getting is still rather paltry, but the “Famous Graves” video did provide something that was very encouraging. The people who watched the video actually watched it all the way through, so the video retention rate was awesome. The same thing happened on my GoodFellas filming locations. So I’m still playing to an empty house somewhat, ironic that I have felt the same way about posting on this blog for the last few years, lol, but there are very encouraging signs that I have a good product to sell. Every Thursday I am putting up a NYC history video, and I will be watching the performance of these videos closely.

On the spanking front I installed a tracking code on Dana Specht’s blog to review the traffic flow on there. Right now the top two pages match the top two Dana posts that I have on this site, but then I have to be careful in measuring this, because the traffic might be going directly from my posts to her site which is going to dilute the results.

It is probably not going to be ready for this Friday, but I will have part 4 of the MOTHER SPANKS SERIES finished soon. Chapter 4 is going to be an F/M chapter. So far Tim has heard his girlfriend being spanked, watched her best friend get spanked, and then he spanked the pair of them. Now he is alone with his girlfriend’s Mother, and her matter of fact comment that all three of them deserved a spanking, has him thinking that she may be right. He just has no idea what he could let himself in for.

The spanking image this week is a nice little dandy that will be added to my SENIOR SUPERLATIVES folder. With the war now over, a young Japanese girl is learning about American customs, and she seems quite happy about it 🙂

P.S. She is Japanese, but whether she is US born or Japanese born I do not know.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 177

I’m not going to say too much today as I have some vanilla video work to do. The free spanking image this week was originally sent to me 5 years ago by will@gotham56, though this version is my own copy. However, as I like to lead by example in crediting sources, I am quite happy to point out that this was one of Will’s original finds.

This will be added to my SENIOR SUPERLATIVES folder.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 175

Have you ever heard of the term “Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop”? I’m sure that most of you have, or at least something different, I believe in England they say “Idle hands are the cause of the Devil’s work”. Basically it means that you have more time on your hands than you normally would, and it is generally during that time that you start doing things, or acting differently to what you normally would.

That’s me this week!!

This is going to be reflected in my posting this week, and I dare say that not everyone is going to be happy with it. Now don’t worry, I’m not going to be doing anything malicious towards another person, that is one character trait that I am blessed enough not to possess. However, for purists of vintage spanking photos I am going to be the scourge of society, lol.

During this COVID-19 break that most people are being enforced to take part in, I was messing around with a vintage photo colorization program. At first I was just using old black and white family photos and adding color to them, and while the program isn’t perfect by any means, I was able to come up with some stunning family photos. In particular one of my dad from 1961. Then of course the “Idle hands” took hold and I started colorizing old spanking pics as well.

Now don’t worry, this is more of a hobby for me, this isn’t something that I will be doing on a frequent basis. Just as an example for you though, I thought that I would colorize this week’s Wednesday Classic to give you an idea of what they look like. As I said, the program isn’t perfect, but it does give you an idea of what an old spanking pic may have looked like. This particular example I would probably rate around 4 out of 10, but as I also said, sometimes the pictures come out stunning. Perhaps these old Yearbook photos will never colorize right because the quality is poor to begin with, but if I did create one that looks awesome then I will definitely post it for you.

So here is the Wednesday classic this week which I will add to my SENIOR SUPERLATIVES spanking album, and I think you will all agree that this is a top notch spanking pic in its own right. I almost fell over myself when I found it last week.

Then to give you an idea as to what the photo may have looked like in color, here is the generic colorized version of the photo. I believe that if I pay for a subscription then I may be able to choose outfit colors. You might call me crazy, but the option is certainly one that I am considering for my old family photos. What do you think guys? What are your thoughts on colorizing old pics? I’m pretty sure that most of you will be against it, and I will be honest in that this particular example is poor, but if I do create one that is as stunning as the pic of my father is then I will definitely share it.

P.S. If I find these photos being posted as a genuine article, found in a local neighborhood magazine with a circulation of 4 copies, I’m going to call you out 😉 I also cropped out the watermark just so that I don’t get in trouble for using this program for spanking related material. I hope that you all understand why I did that. Here is an update to show you just how good the program can be when it has a good image to work with. Click on the images for the full sized version.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 174

Occasionally I will find a photo that really works for me, and today is one such occasion. Obviously I don’t mind being a little eccentric in my spanking tastes compared to the general population, spanking reaches us all in our own different way. As I have mentioned more times than I care to admit, I grew up in a time where we didn’t have the Internet at our disposal, so anything spanking related that we found was a treasure that we kept for years.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the younger generation who grew up with the Internet, save perhaps for the fact that it allows ordinary people to become keyboard warriors. Had the Internet been available when I grew up then it would have been an unmitigated disaster, I was far too reckless as a young man and I would have made so many mistakes that I would have been banished by the spanking community, I’m pretty certain of that. Not from intentionally being a dick, just from the lack of maturity, a desire for attention seeking behavior and of course from drinking far too much alcohol. While there may have been some benefits to having the Internet around back then, in hindsight I am very happy that it wasn’t.

Over the last few days I have been searching online archives for hours on end, and I am happy to report that I have garnered some awesome photos. Of course along with that I also found many that are garbage in the sense of quality, but they nonetheless depict an old time spanking. But I don’t want to spend too much time talking about what I found, I want to focus today on the one photo that really did it for me.

Here is the funny part about this classic spanking image, I found it while searching for something completely different. After I found it I typed in the search term associated with this pic and it doesn’t show up in the search at all, so this is a really lucky find. Now I am sure for most of you it probably doesn’t even look like a great spanking pic, but to me it could almost make me write a story just on the photo alone.

Why does it check the boxes for me? Well there is a combination of things going on, but in an overall sense I think that this is the main reason. On the young lady’s face I am reading the following “No, don’t you dare spank me………. but whatever you do, no matter what I say, just keep spanking me until my bottom is nice and red”

Her position has something to do with it, leaning forward with a cheeky grin on her face, and in the background both of her feet are raised up high. It probably helps that the spanking hand is directionally perfect, and one could almost be mistaken for thinking that in this particular posed shot, it isn’t unfathomable that he is actually spanking her playfully. His face is a bit of a distraction, but, because his left arm is hiding the action, and from a spanker’s point of view it is actually in a decent position, I allow myself to imagine that hand is holding up her skirt and her bottom is encased in a pair of those 1950s full covered nylon panties. For a troublemaker like this one, I’m pretty sure that the scenario actually did happen from time to time.

So what are your thoughts on this SENIOR SUPERLATIVES photo? I know that it isn’t a classic in the traditionally sense, but for me it is just about perfect.

And just in case you are in any doubt that this young lady was a frequent visitor to the land of a well spanked bottom, here is her yearbook photo. 🙂


F/M Friday 8

I’ve got some juggling to do coming up, and I’m not sure how I am going to pull it off. The party is next, and then I had also hoped to go to Lone Star for the first time as well. Complicating things are the legal issues that I have to deal with in the UK. Without boring you, I have to go to the UK sometime in the next three months to pick up my Brother’s ashes, and then I also have to do some legal work for the family estate to be put in my name. Previously my brother was in charge of our Parents affairs and that of our younger brother who also passed away. Now I have to control the affairs of all of them.

The latter part isn’t all that bad, I literally worked with the trust company and sold all assets. I mean I live in the States, it’s not like I am going to need my brother’s 32″ TV 🙂 The problem is going to be the ashes. I mean I could bring them to the USA with me, but is that really what he would have wanted? There is a location in our hometown that his friends think is best. I agree with them, but it’s not exactly legal 😉

Anyway, I still hope to attend both parties and make it to the UK.

Our vintage F/M spanking pic today is from Lexington, OK in 1976. While it may appear to be something else, this is actually a Superlative pic so the dude is about 18, even if it appears that he is much older. This will be added to my F/M COLLECTION folder.

The regular photo this week is from the 1980s. How can I tell it is from the 80s? His socks man, begads!!

F/M Friday 2

The feedback that I got to the first post on here and Twitter was all positive,  there were no complaints,  so I will continue with the series. MISS JENN had asked me whether F/M Friday was a thing or if it was something that I made up. Well like all projects that I do on this site I like to give each project a catchy name so that if a lurker forgets that name of my site,  potentially they will remember the name of the project and that way it will be easier to find on search engines. As far as I know F/M Friday isn’t a thing,  but if someone wants to start the club then who am I to stop them ?

As I will do every week,  in this post you will find a rare pic that I found during my archive searches,  and also a photo from a vintage spanking magazine. The latter potentially may have been seen before but the former should be fairly new to you. The first pic will also be added to my THE F/M COLLECTION folder. I’m not sure how this girl obtained what she is about to use,  but that is definitely a cricket bat!! What is it doing in America?

The second photo certainly leaves something to the imagination. Are the cheeks clenched because of the stern application of a plimsoll in this F/M spanking pic? Or are they clenched because of what the Female spanker is doing with her free hand? Or is this a combination of pain and pleasure? Only you get to decide.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 163

If my schedule has stayed as I had planned it before I left,  today should be the day that I am in the town of Nara where I will be filming the friendly deer in the park there. I’m a big animal lover so this is a very special trip for me.

The Wednesday classic today is from Shinglehouse,  PA in 1969. It is a pair of SENIOR SUPERLATIVES pics,  the first one featuring the two teacher’s pests paddling the teacher over the girls knee,  and the second photo is of the two teachers paddling the students.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 162

Right now I am in Kyoto,  getting myself ready for a solemn weekend in Hiroshima. This week I will make a bit of a change for the Wednesday classic. This will still be an image for my SENIOR SUPERLATIVES spanking folder,  but this will be the first F/M entry into that folder. I’m fully aware that a good portion of my audience enjoy F/M spanking and I rarely post anything in that genre,  so this one is for you guys.

Windsor Sunday Candids – 87


I’m so excited,  by the time that you read this I will probably be on a 14 and a half hour flight to Tokyo. Combine that with a 14 hour time difference and I won’t know what day it is by the time I land. There are still places to add to my itinerary,  but right now it looks like this. Tokyo,  Chiba,  Yokohama,  Kawagoe,  Kanazawa,  Takaoka,  Kyoto,  Hiroshima,  Miyajima Island,  Osaka,  Nara and then back to Tokyo. I’m going to be in Japan for a whole month so if any of my Japanese readers want to meet up then just let me know!! This was the trip that I was supposed to take with my Brother,  but as he is no longer with us I will carry a picture of him around with me so that he is at least there in spirit.

I know that most of you are here for the spanking image so I will carry on with the Japanese portion of this post after the image. If you want to follow me while I am in Japan,  I will be posting daily videos starting on Wednesday for the duration of my trip. MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

It wasn’t exactly how I wanted to end the last week before I went on vacation,  but I’m left with a feeling of real disappointment. A few other nouns and verbs come to mind that would adequately cover the angry feeling that I have right now over the way that things were played out. In the long run though it is probably going to be for the best,  it’s always good to have a clear understanding of where you stand. A few weeks ago I had decided to alter my plans to include a couple of spanking trips into 2020,  but now I can revert back to my original plan which is to take a Spring trip to Eastern Europe instead. Financially it is the right choice anyway,  the Europe trip is a part of my self employment plans for 2020 and it will be a working trip. There isn’t a single person around who wants to be the subject of a backroom group conversation where everyone is eagerly anticipating you making a mistake. I’m no different,  I’ve got far too much self respect to ever want to be in an environment like that,  and I won’t put myself in a situation where my physical presence will create a negative aura. I’ve committed to two spanking parties in 2020 as it is,  so I will use those opportunities to make amends and show the people who don’t know me that I am not the person that they might perceive me to be via the written word.

On a personal level it has left a bitter taste in my mouth,  especially having spent the last few months building spanking pages for individual spanking vendors,  and independent video producers of all genres,  in the hopes of promoting some positive vibes in the spanking community and sharing the spanking love. But,  I’m not going to harp on about it,  what’s done is done. The bottom line is this,  I didn’t have enough self awareness to know that my initial comment had come across as offensive to a group of people,  and I really wish that I had recognized that before I made a right tit of myself to the expectant audience. I put myself in a situation where I allowed a piece of my reputation to get damaged,  and there’s no coming back from that. I accept the responsibility of my own words,  there is nobody to blame but myself.

Once again,  to anyone that I offended I apologize unreservedly,  that was not my intention at all.

Onto the spanking photo for this week,  and it is a killer that I just found yesterday. It is a combination of a SENIOR SUPERLATIVE and a promotional advertisement. What an awesome idea!! Just think of the possibilities if all ads thought like that. Here’s the kicker though,  and you couldn’t have planned it better if you tried. Just look at that phone number!!!

OW 7-7117

How awesome is that,  eh? Do you think that Carol had to count out the numbers as she read them? What an awesome image!! This could fall into several folders,  but I am going to stick it into my SENIOR SUPERLATIVES folder. More on Japan under the photo. BTW,  the image is from La Habre,  CA in 1964 if my fellow collectors want to garner more information.

I leave for Japan the first thing on Monday morning,  so you won’t hear anything from me until Wednesday. It is a 14 and a half hour flight,  plus a 14 hour time difference,  so I’m not going to get to my hotel until around 8pm on Tuesday night. They are not finished yet,  but my goal is to have posts made in advance for every Wednesday and Sunday while I am away. I’ve also got access to the form where I have a bunch of unanswered questions for some Q and A posts,  and of course for the next month there are going to be numerous vanilla posts both on here and on MY TWITTER account.

I’m also very fortunate that on the Saturday after I arrive there is a great Rockabilly show in Yokohama. As I am staying in Tokyo I will have to leave by 11.45pm at the latest,  otherwise I will have to wait until 4.30am to get the first train back. If I start drinking the 4.30am train is probably going to be the favorite,  lol. Here are videos of the three bands that I am going to see. The first band,  who I think are the openers on the card,  is a band that I am dying to see,  they look awesome.

These next guys I have seen twice in New York and they are really crazy. The piano player especially I am a big fan of,  she is one wild and crazy chick and I hope to get a photo with her.

And last,  but by no means least,  these guys who I have never seen,  from California,  are headlining the show. All three bands are right up my alley and I’m really excited for the show. Catch you soon.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 159

The Wednesday classic is a day late this week but it was kind of planned. On Tuesday I posted my STORY CHARACTERS muse,  and as I put a lot of effort into it I wanted to make sure that the post had top billing for a couple of days to allow everyone a chance to read it. What I am going to do is give you the picture first for those of you who only want the spanking content,  and underneath the photo I will continue telling you about my plans for when I am away in Japan starting a week from Monday.

The spanking image this week will be added to my SENIOR SUPERLATIVES folder which already holds some awesome spanking images. This image is from Ponca City,  OK in 1958 and it features a brother spanking his sister. One assumes that they are twins.

This weekend I am going to try my hardest to pre-post every Wednesday and Sunday for the month of December. As you all know by now I am off to Japan a week from Monday and I will be there until Christmas Eve,  which is also the day that will be this blog’s 13th anniversary. I want to make sure that you all have at least two spanking posts a week to enjoy while I am gone.

My spanking archive isn’t coming with me,  however,  along with the pre-post’s that I am making there will be a lot of vanilla content shared with you as well. My video recorder is coming with me and while I might not get to post on travel days,  my goal is to upload a video daily as well as recording 40 or so videos to put in the bank that I can post in 2020.

My itinerary is taking shape though it isn’t complete by any means. First off I will be in Tokyo for ten days with day trips to Chiba and Yokohama. Now I may go to other places during the first ten days but you also have to remember that Tokyo has hundred’s of things to do and see on its own,  so I may well spend the rest of the time in Tokyo. From there,  in order,  I am going to the following places. Kanazawa,  Takaoka,  Kyoto,  Hiroshima,  Osaka and Nara before returning to Tokyo. There will more than likely be two more places to add to the list but I haven’t decided where exactly those will be,  but I will have a spare day in each of Kanazawa and Kyoto to make a day trip. Miyajima Island is one of the most beautiful places on the planet,  but I’m not sure if I can pull off going there. I only have two full days in Hiroshima and I’m not sure if I can free one of those for a day trip to the island. We will see.

Something that I have also mentioned on this blog many times is my love for the band BiSH. Last year I was fortunate enough to see them twice in Tokyo even though each ticket cost me $150. They will also be playing Tokyo twice during this trip but the likelihood that I will get to see them this year is next to zero. Over the last twelve months the band has blown up  (they are currently #2 on the Japanese charts)  and resale tickets are currently going for $300 a pop. While they are an awesome band and their live shows are outstanding,  there ain’t no way in hell I am paying more than $150 to see them.

I just paused to check current prices as I was writing this and tickets for the show on the 29th have been distributed. Resale right now is about $170 a ticket,  there might be a chance after all.

On my first day in Japan I am going to be doing a sunrise trip and shooting 4 videos on the first day. The first video will be on Orange street in Asakusa long before the stores open. It is just coincidental that BiSH filmed their first music video on this same street,  my reason for actually going there is that all of the storefront shutters have paintings on them,  and there are dozens of them. At the end of that street will be video two which is probably the most famous temple in Tokyo,  Senso-Ji. The crowds at this temple are mental so as it is only 4 stops on the subway from my hotel I am going to get there for 6am to film the temple at sunrise. Later that day I will film Nakano sun plaza and then I will finish off at Nakano Broadway. The last stop is going to be an expensive one,  lol. At Nakano Broadway they have several second hand merchandise shops and I know that I am going to drop at least a 100 bucks if not more while I am there. Below is the item that is top of my want list. A figurine of the late Hide from X-Japan. I have figurines from around the world and I want this figure really badly.