Arm Weary

It would have been nice to report that I am arm weary from spanking but unfortunately that is not the case,  I’m simply weary from an overabundance of work this week. I’m pretty sure I confirmed that I am not 21 anymore,  my body feels every day of its 51 years, lol. It was almost a year ago now that I was told that I was being laid off at the start of 2014,  and yet I am working harder now than I ever did. The good news is that I am one of those old school thinking types that believes that hard work will pay off. The biggest drawback in all of this is that my blogs are suffering because of the work I am doing. It’s not that I don’t have a little time in the evening to do something,  it’s just that I am too tired to actually do it. Trust me,  I wish that I could sit on my big fat ass and post every day,  but I simply can’t. It is probably a good thing that I left Fetlife months ago because I couldn’t go there now if I tried.

On Twitter this week I made a query as to whether certain behaviors were continuing on Fetlife. I’m not one of these people who leave somewhere and then secretly sit back and watch everything,  the interest just isn’t there any more. It started with the lead up to the 2013 BBW party where it seemed that everyone and their mother was trying to disrupt the party in any possible manner,  whether that be by creating fake names,  being obtuse on the boards or my personal favorite,  the “Double talk” designed to put down the organizers of the party. That was the beginning of my desire to leave Fetlife and from what I can gather the behaviors still continue to this day.

My focus is on doing the small parts that I do to help the party along. My role is very small compared to the work that the Tanner family do,  but I love that I am a part of it and that I can contribute to the parties in small some way. That would be my biggest wish for all parties,  that the focus was on the enjoyment that everyone is going to have. No matter what the party I would never attempt to put a party down. Even if I don’t agree with certain philosophies,  I can pretty much guarantee that I will have friends who are at the forefront of other parties and if for no other reason than that,  out of respect for my friends I wouldn’t try to cause a disruption.

If you look at dissension in any aspect of life,  if you were to ask yourself “What is my role in the dissension taking place” then perhaps things could start to improve. I will say it here again as I have stated it before,  no matter what party you go to,  or where you wish to spend your time,  I only wish that everyone has a fantastic time. My second wish being that the same courtesy is extended to the parties that I choose to go to or I am a part of.

My goal hadn’t been this direction this morning but what the hell,  I will continue.

Last year at the SSNY party,  and I will be sarcastic here for a moment,  despite the belief that it is a money grabbing venture,  I invested hours of time creating a tour of unknown New York,  free of charge I might add,  to enhance the enjoyment of the guests coming into town. Off the top of my head I forget the number of stops on the tour,  it was around 20 or so in the brutally cold New York winter,  but I was really pleased with the turnout and the enjoyment level that was shared back with me.

That is the role that I enjoy the most being a part of the SSNY family,  being in a position to make everyone feel welcomed. At the BBW party I host the annual pool party to kick off the weekend and it is a very simple role that I have,  to stand there and greet everyone. Everybody knows what it feels like to be made to feel unwelcome,  I’m no different,  so I go out of my way to try and be that friendly,  smiling face who welcomes everyone in.

So even though I have left Fetlife and haven’t been to a party since BBW,  I do have a role to fulfill for the annual SSNY Christmas party and I am starting to put things together. This is what I posted on my Twitter feed this week,  and if you would like to follow me on Twitter I can be found here FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER

What do you reckon? Does that sound like a good idea? This year I’m hoping to conduct a haunted tour of New York 🙂

The Spanking Year Is Over

In what was probably the best year that I have ever had in the realm of spanking,  I believe that aspect is now over for the year. This weekend we had the SSNY Christmas party which was an amazing success. It wasn’t just a spanking party,  it was a weekend’s worth of events with a wonderful group of people. On Friday night we all met at a bar while it was pouring outside and everyone got merry. On Saturday morning I conducted a walking tour of New York which,  despite being bitterly cold,  I believe was enjoyed by most of the people who went. There was about 20 people who came on the tour seeing everything from Irving Klaw’s studio, Andy Warhol’s factory,  The Gramercy gym up to Teddy Roosevelt’s birthplace. There were about 20 stops along the way. Now even though all we were seeing were the exterior’s of what was once was,  I did get a lot of good feedback at the end of the tour. Okay,  so I ended up without about half of the original group by the end,  and even those I lost half of in Union Square,  lol,  but I was able to find them thanks to now owning a cell phone.

The evening was wonderful,  I was finally able to play with DragonEmry’s after making a big mistake of not playing with her at BBW,  not only did I spank her but I also caned the front of her thighs,  which was the reason that we didn’t play in April,  because back then I wasn’t comfortable doing that. The first spanking that I gave was to my good friend,  Kat the Brat. We don’t always get to play at parties,  I guess because we are such good friends,  but I wanted to make sure that we played this time. Perhaps the biggest surprise of all was when TopJosh told me that Boswell wanted to play with me. Now at spanking parties when I first meet someone,  I rarely ask that person to play. My whole premise is that each person is more than a person to spank,  I want to befriend them first and treat them as a person before anything else. It is super rare for me to play with anyone when first meeting them. Well,  I can assure you that I lucked out on Saturday. I told Boswell that I wouldn’t play hard and her response was “I’m okay with thighs”. Okay,  so my plan of not playing hard didn’t work,  Boswell copped the hardest spanking that I gave all night,  and her thighs got more than their fair share of hard swats. Man,  I felt so lucky,  such a sweet person and someone who I think that I could do a wonderful play session with. When the spanking started I tried my usual play lecture and whilst it was hard to shout over the noise,  her reactions to my words were really awesome. It was just a simple question “have you been a good girl”? and it was met by that delightful burying the head in the hands. At a later party I would love to do a scene with her where I can get into using my voice,  I have a feeling that it would work really well. As for the play,  whew,  this girl has such an amazing booty and her reactions to the spanking were fantastic. Perhaps my favorite moment was when the spanking was over,  watching her look over her shoulder and pouting as she looked at her fiery red bottom.

It was something that I planned because I am a little OCD this way,  but as I expect this to be my last play of the year,  I wanted to finish the year the way that I began the year,  with some personal time with ellee. If you have followed this blog throughout this year you would have read a lot about this amazing girl,  a truly remarkable young lady. On January the first at 12.30am,  ellee was the first girl that I spanked this year,  and if my premonition is correct she will also be the last person that I spank this year. Being that ellee has helped me regather who I was as a person this year I couldn’t be happier for events to play out that way.

This was nothing more than a friendly spanking,  well,  okay,  her thighs got more treatment than they deserved 😉 Once it was over ellee sat on my lap and we talked about the past year. Saturday also happened to be almost a year to the day since we had first met and we had talked beforehand about an anniversary spanking. During this talk ellee told me how I had helped her this year and how I had fulfilled a fantasy of hers. The feeling of course is mutual and ellee gave me something this year that I had always wanted. I can’t really put my finger on a specific thing,  but when I entered the spanking world the thing that I was looking for ellee provided. It is a combination of play,  demeanor,  character and spirit.

In fact at one point I told ellee that she had spoiled me this year,  not for anything that she has done but for who she was. I’ve never been one to take shit from anyone in any form. I’m not saying that I go out of my way to be confrontational,  in fact far from it. When feelings are portrayed in my direction that are not positive though I have only one reaction,  I have no time for it whatsoever. ellee spoiled me because she is just so incredibly friendly and kind,  she makes you feel like a million bucks. My focus in life is on kind people,  and there are a vast number of them out there. It takes very little effort to be warm and friendly towards another human being. When someone kisses you on the cheek and says ‘Happy Anniversary’ after you have spanked them,  why wouldn’t you focus on that,  it really doesn’t get much better.

So thank you,  ellee,  just for being who you are. You have made this year a very special one for me.

Now I don’t want anyone to be somber with this news because I’m not somber over it. This week I was told at work that I am being laid off and it will happen within the next two months. Based on this information and an uncertain future,  this may be my last spanking party for a while. Even before I knew this I had expected it so I had planned to make this weekend special.

I’m not going anywhere,  and if things fall as I hope they will then who knows,  it will be business as usual. For now though,  when I get a new job,  there isn’t going to be much time in 2014 to attend spanking parties,  at least until I get settled anyway. Maybe by 2015 I will be back in full swing and back to my regular schedule. At this point I don’t even know where I will be going,  my goal has been to move away from New York but it will be dependent on the job market. If I get a job in Iowa though,  I’m taking it. I’m not sure where in the States I will end up,  it could be in New Jersey for all I know,  but 2014 will hold a new challenge for sure.

Next up on this blog I will be talking about pictures. What I like,  what I don’t like and why certain pics have such an appeal to me.


Preparing For The Weekend

The year of 2013 is winding down and I hope that I see it off with a bang.

This weekend is the annual SSNY Christmas party and I have spent the evening preparing for the trip that I have organized on Saturday during the day. One of my hobbies is collecting little tidbits of information about New York buildings,  practically every building has a story attached to it. This Saturday I am going to be conducting a tour of a small section of New York where I will be sharing some of the knowledge that I have. This is something that I have devoted a lot of time to preparing and I’m only about halfway done as it is.

There is a small problem that I am trying to navigate,  getting from Union Square to 9th St and finding the most interesting route to get there. The bulk of the tour happens before Union Square,  but not only for a historic reason must I finish on 9th St,  but it is for a personal reason as well. Something happened in 1987 that affected me deeply,  so much so that in 1988 on a trip home to England,  I remember reading a story of the little girl and I started crying on the plane. Me,  a tattooed bruiser with a Mohawk,  lol. Well the last leg of the tour will be to a house with a long history,  and I will also be able to leave a flower for the girl who also once lived in this house.

There are so many fascinating places that I am going to show people and I’m really excited to have this pre spanking jaunt,  they have no idea of the history that awaits them. Is the picture below included in the tour? Everyone going will find out on the second stop 🙂


The Gorgeous Sara Fields

I am about to start posting to all of my sites, probably several pre updates for the next month or so, but before I do that I wanted to share a pic from last night’s SSNY party. Such a delightful bottom that colors beautifully from a hand spanking, okay, so she got some with the strap as well 🙂 More importantly though, you will not find a sweeter, more pleasant person in the spanking world than Sara Fields, she is such a cutie, she really is, and a delightful person to spend time with. She happens to be one of those people that you just want to hang around with at parties just for the simple fact that she makes everyone around her smile, I can’t wait to try and claim her as my prisoner at the BBW party next year where I will be a guard and she will be an inmate. I’m delighted to have both her and her partner as friends of mine, such a wonderful couple.

Now I normally wouldn’t post an impersonal over the shoulder pic, but Sara’s bottom looked so wonderful that she agreed to have a pic taken, and we were alone so I had no choice but to do it myself 🙂

Vintage Spanking


This weekend I’m going to be going away before returning for the SSNY party. A big part of the reason for going away is to prepare for a new site that we are launching this weekend, I have a feeling this one will be big. Now I can’t say too much right now until we launch, but that long awaited network that you have heard of we are close to getting off the ground. More details to come Sunday though.

Now tonight after work I am going to have a ton of work to do, so I am going to quickly offer you a selection of vintage spanking pics from my vast collection to tide you over until I get back.

And before I am done, I just renewed my subscription on Hot Movies where you can basically watch the entire Shadow Lane collection, just click on any video that catches your eye!!

Tell Them What They've Won, Johnny!!!

A newwwwwwwwwwww paddle!!


Yep. I just won this little beauty on ebay!! And, coincidentally, it just so happens to be the SSNY party in New York tonight!! I wonder which lucky lady is going to be the first to have this christened on her bottom? Can anyone say


SSNY Party and the Boardwalk Badness Weekend

This weekend we got to take part in yet another fun filled Saturday night at the Strictly Spanking New York party. With the attendance this week of Keith Jones and Mike from Crimson Moon, this is turning into quite the place to be. Now you don’t have to have a name to make the party a great event, and I’m not suggesting that these individuals have any more merit than anyone else in the scene, but when I look at the amount of people who have appeared on film who attend this party it pretty much amazes me.

Over the last year, people who have appeared on film who have attended the SSNY party include:

Keith Jones from Shadowlane.

David Pierson, Amber Pixie Wells, Lily Anna, Miranda Marx, Sarah Gregory, Rad Finch and of course Richard Windsor who have all filmed for Punished Brats.

Cassandra Park and Miss Tori from Southeastern Woodshed.

Audrey Knight

Kate James

Caroline Grey from Northern Spanking

Not sure what name he uses on film so without naming him a guy who has worked for Southeastern Woodshed.

Tasha and Yoni from Bum Rap Productions.

The model, Amelia Chan

Mike from Crimson Moon.

I’m sure I am missing some folks, but it is a proverbial groupie’s paradise if you think that associating yourself with spanking celebrities increases your standing in the community. I shouldn’t forget either, Ian ‘The London Tanner’ and Tony from Florida Moonshine, as well as Jean Paul from Texas who I know must have appeared in a film somewhere 🙂 Of course I jest about spanking celebrities, the only way you improve your standing in the community is to be a decent person, period.

My highlights from this weekend were topped off by giving Miranda Marx a good 15 stripes with my traditional Singapore cane. I had actually brought it along with me because a lady had requested it, but she never showed up, lol. Miranda, being the good sport she is though, stepped up to the plate and not only got the cane, but also got a good spanking that she has been in need of for quite a while now.

After the party, eight of us went to a diner for a late night meal and it was a superb crowd to be hanging out with. Again I wish I could name everyone but I have no idea who is okay with being mentioned, but some of those in attendance were Mike Tanner, Miranda Marx and Jules Tanner from SSNY, Rad and Sandy and of course myself. Two others made up the 8 and unfortunately I don’t know if they are okay with their names being mentioned so I will skip them just in case. My highlight, and it is a totally stupid thing really, is listening to Jules imitate a New Yorker with a strong dialect, it is something that drives me crazy 🙂 ………… “Hey YO, tsk, Stoppppppppppppp already yo”………. I love every minute of it!!

Now don’t forget the BOARDWALK BADNESS WEEKEND as well guys, get your applications in as soon as you can before the event totally sells out. You only have one week left to click on the link above to get the price of $120 for the whole weekend. After that the price will go up!! The $120 gets you everything, your party ticket and all meals provided for, plus all the fantastic events that the guys have put on. Don’t be square Daddy O, get your applications in right now!!


Looking back, and looking ahead.

So this isn’t a typical year in review, it is more a retrospective of what happened and what I am going to be looking forward to. Some of it is spanking related, and some of it isn’t. So let’s start and I hope you enjoy it.

The best 3 things that happened to me in 2009:

1) Striking up friendship with everyone associated with Strictly Spanking New York. They are the nicest group of people you are likely to meet, just some really genuine, good, down to earth characters who it has been a pleasure for me to meet this past year. I may have run across them all at various parties over the years, but this year I have got to know them on a more personal level and I am thrilled to be friends with the members of SSNY and its Sister groups. I’m not one who is much for airs and graces, I like good people whatever their background is. The people who run SSNY, PASS and the Boardwalk Badness Weekend are the most solid group of people you are likely to meet, real salt of the earth. Take MY word on it!!!

2) Getting really sick a couple of months ago!! That may be a surprise to include that as one of the best things to happen in 2009, but it really was, it was a big wake up call. After that happened I saw a doctor for the first time in 20 years, had multiple tests conducted (with more to come) and actually sought the help of a dietician. I wasn’t going to address that until later in the year when Richard Windsor 2.0 is released, but the truth of the matter is, I have so far dropped 20lbs in 7 weeks, 2/5th’s of the way towards my goal of losing 50lbs.

3) It was January the 1st, 2009, so it counts. A young lady said perhaps the rudest thing to me that I have probably heard to date. Well, yours truly tore her a brand new asshole, which was fully deserved. It also taught me a lesson though, whenever I have had a problem in my life, alcohol would always be a part of it. Now, I wasn’t ashamed of what I said to this girl, but I was ashamed at my own behaviour in dealing with her. So it was a slow process over the year, and I did have a few wild nights, but right now I am at a stage where I won’t touch alcohol at all. Maybe I will change my mind on that eventually, but I think I have arrived at a stage where if I were to, it would be no more than a social drink. Unlike the case I would normally put down at any given sitting 😉

The worst 3 things to happen to me in 2009:

1) Clearly a no brainer, getting the phone call from my Mum on February the 9th, informing me that my younger Brother had passed away at the ever so young age of 41.

2) My little Asian sensation, a one time dear friend, drinking buddy, play partner with extras and close ally. Though we had a big falling out, when my Brother died she was the ONLY person at work who never offered me her condolences. Based on how nice I had been to this person over the years, I was, and still am, deeply hurt by that fact.

3) Being befriended not for who I am as a person, but for who I know in the scene. Am I gullible? Sure I am.

Best 3 spankings given in 2009:

1) Without a doubt it happened at 4am on the last night of the FMS party. Little Munchkin in her dropseat jammies and me with a wooden spoon, using for the first time the suite part of the room we had paid for. I still have the vision right now, Munchkin’s panties wouldn’t go all the way down so they nestled beneath her bum. It didn’t take long for her to realize that the more she wriggled and squirmed, the more her panties worked their way back up her bum. It was an AWESOME scene and was by far my favorite spanking given in 2009.

2) At the Texas All State Party, arranging for a play date with Miranda Marx. I couldn’t work out why there was such an avid audience who were laughing their way through Miranda’s spanking, until I pulled her leggings down. Based on a personal attack that was posted about me on spanking tube, Miranda really got her hackles up over a friend being attacked in such a way. So she went and had a pair of panties made with the words “FUNISH ME” printed on the seat. I am sure my mouth dropped and hit the floor, and as hard as I tried to give her a funishment, I just couldn’t bring myself to spank her that hard 😉 Great times indeed.

3) This one has to be with Lily Anna on my last Punished Brats shoot. When I do a scene I try as hard as I can to have it done ad-lib. The PB crew are awesome with this and so far I have been lucky, they will give me an outline of the scene and then let me work from there. My scene with Lily Anna called for her to be my employee who quits for a better job. As we chatted before the scene I told her to take one look at me, nothing was out of bounds, and to let me have it from my baldness to my beer belly and anywhere in between. Lily Anna sure didn’t disappoint 🙂 At one point we had to cut, and it was then that I said “Someone had better tell her when to stop, otherwise I am going to spank her for an hour”.

It didn’t stop there. Later on when we did a school scene I was to give her 6 with the paddle after her spanking. The first one took her by surprise and she shouted out “Oh shit, that really hurt”. Now being that she had already taken 4 spankings at this point, it was decided to skip the paddle because she still had another scene to shoot. Now I have this on the outtakes, trust me 😉 My response to that decision was this, “I don’t care, I will give her the whole six right now”. Now to get me to such a toppy point as to say something like that, should give you an idea as to just how bad this little girl was…….. in a fun way of course.

Best spanking video that I watched this year:

Not a 2009 video, but it was new to me this year. The winner of this award goes to Lance Del Toro and Samantha Woodley in ‘Sting Operation 2’.

At a later point I will review this film in full, but here were the key elements. Samantha was a HELLCAT!!! I still have that vision in my head where she is taken to the corner, and the moment that Lance turns around she spins and drops to the ground with her arms folded with a look of scorn on her face. It is the CLASSIC pose for an unrepentant brat and I ate it up. And let’s not forget the sass on this girl, oh my god, I wondered if she was ever going to keep quiet, she just doesn’t stop. As I have always said, if you are watching a film and you yourself want to jump into the screen just to spank the girl yourself, then it is a masterful performance. For his part, Lance is anything but a pushover, and no matter what Samantha said or tried he fought her every step of the way. How does he achieve this? Lance manhandled Samantha throughout the film, physically manhandled her. It is something that you don’t see very often in a spanking film, if Lance wanted Samantha in a position and she didn’t comply, he PUT HER in that position!! It was just about the hottest spanking film I have seen and the chemistry between Lance and Samantha is electric. I need to watch it a few more times before I finally decide, but this could be my favorite spanking film ever. It will certainly make the top 3, that’s for sure. Fiery would be an understatement when describing Samantha’s performance, and I can’t tell you just how hot I thought this video was.

Now I said that I would keep this post spam free, but I just can’t do it. I have to link to this video on Hot Movies. There are 100’s upon 100’s of spanking videos on Hot Movies and not only do I plug them, but I have been a subscriber for about 3 months now. Who would have thought you could watch a new spanking film anytime you wanted to? Click the image below to see the film.

And now for some quickies

3 goals for 2010:

1) Restart the series of audio interviews. I have so many great people lined up and hopefully I can restart the interviews within a week.

2) Get my upper jawbone fixed up!! It is going to suck royally and cost me a mint, but it has to be done. Not only that but it is going to be done soon, hopefully with enough recovery time for the Boardwalk Badness Weekend 🙂

3) Start to produce my own videos. The surgery above is going to dampen my resources significantly, but I hope by the end of 2010 to start making my own material.

3 spankings to give in 2010.

1) Jules…….. I’ve been saying it for a year and will probably say it for another year, lol.

2) Pixie……. At any party that we attend I never get to play with Pixie, due to us both playing with others. It has been nearly a year and I need to make amends with my dear friend.

3) Bridget…… I’ve made my mind up, it’s something that just has to happen.

Out of hands reach, but not out of mind 😉

Samantha Woodley………… It is a dream I know, and will probably never happen, but one must have dreams, musn’t one?

And finally, my motto based on the last year.

“Before you judge, be sure to hear both sides”

A word of WARNING

This isn’t something that is normal to me, however, this post is for motivation!! A very good friend of mine has set herself a goal by April, so I am putting it into writing for her to see. Unfortunately my camera has no battery power right now, so I had to use my camcorder to take the pics. This little beauty is my authentic Singaporean cane.

Now then, to my friend in question. There is a mark-able goal to achieve, and a potential of 30 strokes with the cane. However many you miss your goal by young lady, you will get the equivalent number with the cane. So if you miss your goal by 12, then at the Boardwalk Badness Weekend you will get 12 strokes of the cane!! On New Years Eve I will have my cane with me and I will give you a couple to let you know what could be in store.

Speaking of the Boardwalk Badness Weekend, I have to get some serious play in before then. Just lately I have found myself to be pretty stale in my approach to scenes and I need to get my mojo back. So assuming all goes well with my tests, at the next SSNY party I am going to start making my list right now.

Top of the list has to be Pixie, because I never get to play with her at these parties. We arrive together but then when the play starts we are lucky if we get to see each other much until the end of the night due to us both playing. Robin and Fran are also on the list because I had to turn them down politely this weekend, due to my concerns about playing with a medical test due the following morning. I can’t think of a scene name to use, but a lady asked me for the Singapore cane this past weekend, and the next event you will get your wish young lady 😉

Those are the guarantees, but I also have a few hopes 🙂 Despite knowing her for over a year, I have still yet to spank the delightful organizer of SSNY, Jules. Now I had never had a reason before, but due to her bursting out laughing when I said my name during our promo shoot, I now have all the reason that I need.

It has been a long time since I gave Miranda a spanking as well, so I think it is high time we applied Richard’s rites!! And finally, I think I will seek out Bridget and give her a spanking also. No real reason for that other than I want to, and because I think that she has a certain cuteness factor that needs to be spanked 🙂 So along with other friends in the scene, I have a lot to catch up on, don’t I?

These won’t all happen at the next SSNY event because I anticipate seeing a number of these young ladies before then, so come the next SSNY party I should have more ladies to add to my dance card 🙂 There is also the matter that I am attempting to drop another 45lbs aside from the ten that I have dropped already, so I am going to need some bottoms to get some extra exercise in 😉

SSNY 1 year anniversary

So tomorrow marks a landmark event for the organizers of the SSNY party as they celebrate their 1 year anniversary. Congratulations to Jules and Mike, and of course to their sister group PASS, as the organizers of that, Miranda and Mike, are also heavily involved with SSNY. Be sure to check the post under this one for the Boardwalk Badness Weekend hosted by all 4 of the people mentioned above, it is going to be a complete blast and I am so looking forward to it. Keep checking their blog as well as my one for party updates.

Now I will be at the SSNY 1 year anniversary tomorrow, however, there is a likelihood that I won’t be playing. Most of my tests have been completed, however I still have one scheduled for Saturday morning, so as I am feeling a tiny bit poorly right now, I might just take a pass on playing tomorrow. Well, with that said, I will be shooting a promo video with Pixie tomorrow, so I will make the extra effort should the girl need a few spanks 🙂 No guarantees that I won’t play mind you, it will just depend on how I am feeling tomorrow. Either way, I always miss out on playing with Pixie at parties, so I have her pencilled in at the top of my invisible dance card.

Finally, here is a cute little clip that I came across. It features nothing more than a spanking threat and it is a 1950’s film concerning young adults dating. I like the clip because it is just so amazing how times have changed over the years 🙂


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