Interview With Ophelia De Havilland - Part 2

Normally on a Sunday I give you one of the pictures from my classic collection of rare spanking pics from plays,  but this week I am going to do something a little different. There is a reason for doing this though as I will explain below.

First things first though,  if you missed the first part of the interview then you should listen to that first.

Part 1 is here

This series will probably have 8 or 9 parts to it,  there is a lot of editing for me to do yet,  but I wanted to get the second part of this interview up for a simple reason,  Ophelia is only here in New York until Wednesday,  so if you are thinking about a spanking and these audios have helped you any,  you need to reach out to her soon. It isn’t my business to give out her email address as I haven’t asked Ophelia yet if that was okay,  but I can link to her public Twitter account if you want to reach out. Ophelia’s Twitter

Ophelia is an incredibly pleasant person to be around,  as friendly and as welcoming as you are likely to find. If you are in the Tri State area and there is a memory inside of you that you want to relive,  I’m pretty sure Ophelia can help tap into that for you. You won’t hear it until the final part,  but Ophelia is pretty clear in that she thinks,  and I quote  “Men seem to have this little boy inside of them,  and it’s up to women like me to teach you right from wrong”

So you only have three days left if you think you need a spanking. As you will hear in this episode,  Ophelia is 6’5″ in heels so there would seem to be a guarantee that some legs are going to be flailing well clear of the floor. While I described her friendly and pleasant personality,  I’m also going to have to tap into my imagination for a moment and I would take a pretty good educated guess that once she has your bottom up high over her knee,  that the years will start to rewind very quickly for you,  and you will probably think of a hundred things that you could be getting spanked for that you never were spanked for. Once you meet Ophelia in person and you talk to her,  you will understand me when I tell you that it is pretty easy to start imagining that bottoms up spanking scenario being played out in your own mind!!

The Podcasts Are Coming

Here we have it guys,  in anticipation of the spanking party season I have purchased myself a digital voice recorder with the intention of recording as many audio interviews as I can in the upcoming year. Not only will I be doing interviews but I will also be doing regular podcasts about our favorite subject so perhaps I can bring you all in here. This weekend I want to record a lengthy podcast just so see how it goes. Of course I can come up with a hundred topics to talk about,  but is there anything that you would like to hear my opinion on?

Alright,  I’m setting myself up I know. I can hear the haters already saying  “What the fuck do we want with your opinion”? 🙂

Let me know if you have any thoughts or topics that are of interest to you and I will see if I can’t add them to the show this weekend. Enough talking though,  I wanted to test the digital voice recorder out so I have put together a little four minute ramble. Let me know what you think,  and please be honest,  I have very thick skin and I can take any criticism.

In a few weeks time I am going to a spanking party so the interviews will begin there. So far I have two lined up but if you are going to the party and you want to be interviewed then please let me know.



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