Buz Sawyer and Cobra

If you want the complete comic strip,  head on over to the Chicago Spanking Review where he has several versions of this comic strip RIGHT HERE.

If someone has already posted something I tend not to post the same thing,  unless I have an alternate version of the spanking OR an enhanced version of that spanking. That is what applies here. What I am offering here is a crystal clear version that is actually the demo cartoon for an album,  so the additional writing on the cartoon reflects that. As you can see from the description on Ebay,  this is a 1989 reprint of the original. The comic is twice the size of what you see below,  to see the full sized version just click on the cartoon itself.

Happy Easter

I am back from my jaunt down to visit Jules for the weekend. The pair of us worked from 5.30pm on Friday until 3.30am,  then from 8.30am until 5.30pm on Saturday. Virtually an entire 24 hours with a 5 hour sleep break editing video footage. The funny part is,  all we did was prepare the video footage,  she still has to edit it together which will take her another day to do. I have a new found admiration for video editors.

Starting tomorrow I will have a new weekly feature on my Spanking Pics site. It is a weekly round up of websites that do not run an affiliate program therefore do not get as much promotion as those who do. The first three websites on the weekly round up are Amateur Spankings,  Janus and Dana Specht. Be sure to check out the site tomorrow night for pics and updates.

As for me now,  I am about to watch Manchester United play QPR followed by Arsenal versus Manchester City,  so it is going to be a lazy day in the Windsor household 🙂


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