Night Nurse

As you can tell,  I’m trying my hardest to devote some extra time to posting more frequently. As I stated the other day,  if it is just the pics you want then they are at the bottom of this post,  so if that is all you want then scroll away and grab them. Today I have three vintage  ‘Nurse’  spanking pics that you should enjoy.

Pretty soon I am going to have to start preparing for the 2016 events. As I have stated,  for the last couple of years I have scaled back a bit on attending parties,  something that was very necessary. The biggest reason in all of this was that it stopped being fun for me,  a lot of the excitement and anticipation slowly eroded over the years from a variety of factors. They are pretty much all self induced,  my core values trump everything and I have my own vision of what fun and enjoyment should entail. The thing is though,  you are always in control of your own destiny. I know what works for me and I know what doesn’t work for me,  both in terms of play and interacting with other people.

So right now I have two parties coming up where I get to take a leading role in how much I enjoy them. Both parties are right up there in terms of potential enjoyment so as the old saying goes,  the ball is in my court. First up,  and while I haven’t booked my vacation or tickets yet,  I fully intend on going,  and that is the 50 freaks party.

Being that I backed out of the last one I would have understood if there was not a place for me,  but I sent a text to Cousin Joe and he responded that I was always welcome. Actually,  that shouldn’t surprise me at all,  if there was ever a role model as to how to treat other people,  Cousin Joe’s picture would be on it.

Now I don’t even know who is going other than the people who I hung out with on New Years. I don’t go to Fetlife anymore so I am clueless as to who will be in attendance. There are two girls who I occasionally text who at one point said they were likely to go,  but that was a while ago so I don’t know for sure anymore. But I hope to roll back the clock though. I want to take my spot at the bar which at one point was affectionately known as  “Windsor’s corner”,  and most importantly I want to enforce my time. That means setting goals to spend several hours each day with the SSNY crew,  spend more time in the party room,  and the biggest of all,  when I take my  “Me”  time,  that I get up and rejoin the party.  “Me”  time is very important at a party,  it helps to avoid burnout. When we are in Vegas or Atlantic City I tell people until I am blue in the face,  if you see a party attendee playing the slots,  leave them the fuck alone,  they are on  “Me”  time.

After that there is of course the annual Boardwalk Badness Weekend. Now the organizers of BBW have had an incredibly busy year with a vanilla project,  and my own work has increased dramatically this year,  so New Years was the first time that I got to spend a weekend with them in 7 months. So BBW planning is something that I have done very little of as of yet. Now don’t get me wrong,  the BBW crew are on the ball and they have the framework already laid out,  but we haven’t had one of those nights yet where a dozen of us sit there and start throwing ideas out. Perhaps we will do that at the 50 freaks party.

So those are my early plans in a group setting. I do have some private play plans set up but I will avoid talking about them in detail. I will only write about them if I have the permission of the other parties when we actually play.

Okay,  time for the pictures. Be sure to come back tomorrow,  the huge version of an already posted Men Are Like Streetcars pic will be posted tomorrow. It is so good that it looks like an old lobby card.

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Dishing Out Videos

As I have posted a few times already,  in just a few short weeks Dana Specht and I are going to be conducting our 6th annual interview for her website. Our topic this year is  “Six of the best”  and I have been gathering user submitted ideas for the interview. Unlike previous years,  the response has been very slow this year. So what I am going to do to try and get some interest is once more give away a spanking video from my collection. These videos are on my Google drive and can be downloaded and saved.

You have a choice of four videos to choose from,  and if you fill the survey out several times you can get four videos,  lol. If the scene isn’t your dynamic then don’t worry,  just create a character of the opposite sex to be spanked by Dana.


I know that the last time I did this the videos ended up on the pirate sites,  but whatever. I’m giving them away anyway. Tomorrow I will be back with my normal Sunday classic.

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My Story World

Even though I haven’t written a story in ages,  and for the only reason that I don’t have as much time anymore,  I am always amazed when I check my stats to see how many times my stories are read each day. Obviously my focus nowadays is finding rare pics for you,  but people still come here just to read the stories.

Now somebody who I communicate with has a birthday coming up and she wants me to write her a story for her birthday,  and being that I don’t mind writing birthday stories then it should be an easy task to do. With that in mind I thought that I would share a list of my stories on this site,  each with a brief synopsis so that you guys can choose what you want to read. The comment section is open on all of them so feel free to let me know your thoughts on each story,  I would love to hear some feedback and get your opinions on the stories.

This list is done in order of popularity based on how many times each story has been viewed so far this year.

1979 – The First Spanking

This is where it all began for me,  the first time as a teenager that I ever spanked a girl. Even 35 years later I remember it clearly and this is where the mystery of the white nylon panties comes from,  for that was what my girlfriend at the time was wearing. It isn’t the longest spanking by any means,  but it is perhaps the most important one…. READ MORE

Missy Gets Spanked In Public

This is a big entrance page story mostly for people looking for public spankings. Unfortunately the title is a little misleading as the spanking took place at a spanking party. However,  it was done very publicly with the intent of causing her some embarrassment. I even spanked three girls while I waited for her just to add to the anticipation…. READ MORE

Jane’s Birthday Spanking

Jane is a junior counselor at a summer camp and is boarding with the camp director and his wife during the summer. It was the night of her 19th birthday and the old custom of birthday spankings had raised its head. Jane happily played along and before long the seat of her panties were getting warmed…. READ MORE

Birthday Spanking For Laura

A man is visiting his next door neighbour when her bratty daughter arrives and starts to lay down subtle innuendos about what the two of them are up to. When he finds out that she has a birthday coming up he threatens to spank her and is encouraged to do so by her mom. When the spanking is over a further threat is made to the mom who has a birthday coming up. Part two has yet to be written…. READ MORE

Ellee Gets Spanked

In what was the first of many spankings for ellee,  we see each other for the second time and this time she gets a spanking. What was very unusual for spanking a girl for the first time I used my hand,  hairbrush and the cane. Part two of the story happens two weeks later where I put the extra effort in and created a full blown scenario,  all unknown to her at the time,  in what is still one of my favorite roleplays. Lots of great pics attached to this story…. READ MORE

Getting The Cane

A real life story from when I was at school and where the cane was still employed as an instrument of correction…. READ MORE

Three Girls Part 1

Yet another in the collection of birthday spanking stories. This time three young women are on their way out for the evening when the father of one threatens to give her friend a birthday spanking. After he is dared he follows through quite intently,  much to the arousal of the other friend who is watching…. READ MORE

Meeting Amber Pixie Wells

My first venture out in the spanking world and the first person that I got to meet was none other than Pixie. We spent a very memorable afternoon together which began when I got to the lobby of the hotel to meet a girl wearing a schoolgirl outfit. My red face soon gave way to Pixie’s red bottom…. READ MORE

The Fly On The Wall

The only story on this site that features an F/M spanking. Originally written for a spanking story contest,  two neighbors discuss the spanking that the daughter had received and fool around a little bit. The fooling around soon becomes heavy petting and they get busted by the girls mom. What follows is a long painful spanking for the both of them,  courtesy of the hairbrush…. READ MORE

A Simple Birthday Spanking

An erotic story of two neighbors and a birthday spanking. It is a very short story where your imagination is left to decide what happens once he carries her upstairs…. READ MORE

Scenes From A Film Shoot

Back when I used to shoot with Punished Brats,  this is a story of one of those film shoots. Spankings for Pixie,  Juliet Valentina and Violetta…. READ MORE

Emily And Tom

Written in anticipation of meeting up with someone,  who eventually did not come. However,  there is still the story which is sexual in nature…. PART 1,  PART 2,  PART 3.

New Years Eve Party

A New Years party at the Tanner house ended up as a wonderful evening,  and it culminated with Pixie bratting me and getting a good spanking. Within a minute of the spanking ending Pixie was fast asleep…. READ MORE

The Errant Schoolgirl

A long time ago I used to visit a wonderful girl by the name of Raven. We engaged in a full roleplay where she played Miss Gallagher,  a mischievous student. This spanking ended with a very long application of the cracker barrel paddle to her bare bottom…. READ MORE

A Weekend With A Good Girl

Many spankings occur when the beautiful Aurora comes to stay with me. This weekend was also the very first time that I used a cane,  albeit from a one inch distance. When this story was originally written it was one of my most popular on spanking sites…. READ MORE

Nurse Byron And The Manor House

Probably the darkest story on the site,  about a nurse who takes advantage of her unconscious patient,  only to find out that his security cameras captured the whole thing. Set in a stately home,  the house also contains a special play room which she is forbidden from entering. Once the video footage is reviewed,  she is taken to the special room for her punishment…. READ MORE

Santa And The Gingerbread Elf

At one time the video to this story ranked as the fourth most watched video on spanking tube of all time. When it was eventually pulled it had been watched nearly a million times. Think about that! Even to this day I am asked about this video. I play the role of Santa and Audrey Knight is the most delectable naughty elf you could imagine. Pictures accompany this story…. READ MORE

Need A Ride Home

A man offers to drive his co-worker home in the heavy snow. On the journey she finds out that he spanked his daughters and it brings out the brat in her. What started as a plan to give her a playful birthday spanking ended up being a proper spanking due to her behavior…. READ MORE

Saturday Night In Vegas

At a weekend party in Vegas I hosted a small room party with friends which turned into an all nighter. One attendee was a vanilla girl who only came to the party with her friend. At 5.30am someone called my room,  it was the vanilla girl,  and soon after she received her very first bare bottom spanking…. READ MORE

Now at this point I am going to break the post up into two different posts. There are still half a dozen stories to add that are already listed,  but as I was going through the list one thing was becoming apparent,  I don’t yet have all the stories listed under the story categories. It dawned on me because one of the most popular stories to appear on this site wasn’t listed. I figured I had missed it in the stats but then I realized,  I don’t have a story page created for it yet. The story was The Saturday Spanking Show which has been viewed thousands of times since I wrote it,  but I neglected to create a page for it. That was the point that I realized that all of the stories featuring ellee,  barring one,  have not been added to the story section. I think this was because ellee has her own section on this site anyway as posts featuring her are incredibly popular. So this week I am going to create separate pages for all stories which I have yet to do,  and that will also include older ones that I have yet to create pages for.

Arm Weary

It would have been nice to report that I am arm weary from spanking but unfortunately that is not the case,  I’m simply weary from an overabundance of work this week. I’m pretty sure I confirmed that I am not 21 anymore,  my body feels every day of its 51 years, lol. It was almost a year ago now that I was told that I was being laid off at the start of 2014,  and yet I am working harder now than I ever did. The good news is that I am one of those old school thinking types that believes that hard work will pay off. The biggest drawback in all of this is that my blogs are suffering because of the work I am doing. It’s not that I don’t have a little time in the evening to do something,  it’s just that I am too tired to actually do it. Trust me,  I wish that I could sit on my big fat ass and post every day,  but I simply can’t. It is probably a good thing that I left Fetlife months ago because I couldn’t go there now if I tried.

On Twitter this week I made a query as to whether certain behaviors were continuing on Fetlife. I’m not one of these people who leave somewhere and then secretly sit back and watch everything,  the interest just isn’t there any more. It started with the lead up to the 2013 BBW party where it seemed that everyone and their mother was trying to disrupt the party in any possible manner,  whether that be by creating fake names,  being obtuse on the boards or my personal favorite,  the “Double talk” designed to put down the organizers of the party. That was the beginning of my desire to leave Fetlife and from what I can gather the behaviors still continue to this day.

My focus is on doing the small parts that I do to help the party along. My role is very small compared to the work that the Tanner family do,  but I love that I am a part of it and that I can contribute to the parties in small some way. That would be my biggest wish for all parties,  that the focus was on the enjoyment that everyone is going to have. No matter what the party I would never attempt to put a party down. Even if I don’t agree with certain philosophies,  I can pretty much guarantee that I will have friends who are at the forefront of other parties and if for no other reason than that,  out of respect for my friends I wouldn’t try to cause a disruption.

If you look at dissension in any aspect of life,  if you were to ask yourself “What is my role in the dissension taking place” then perhaps things could start to improve. I will say it here again as I have stated it before,  no matter what party you go to,  or where you wish to spend your time,  I only wish that everyone has a fantastic time. My second wish being that the same courtesy is extended to the parties that I choose to go to or I am a part of.

My goal hadn’t been this direction this morning but what the hell,  I will continue.

Last year at the SSNY party,  and I will be sarcastic here for a moment,  despite the belief that it is a money grabbing venture,  I invested hours of time creating a tour of unknown New York,  free of charge I might add,  to enhance the enjoyment of the guests coming into town. Off the top of my head I forget the number of stops on the tour,  it was around 20 or so in the brutally cold New York winter,  but I was really pleased with the turnout and the enjoyment level that was shared back with me.

That is the role that I enjoy the most being a part of the SSNY family,  being in a position to make everyone feel welcomed. At the BBW party I host the annual pool party to kick off the weekend and it is a very simple role that I have,  to stand there and greet everyone. Everybody knows what it feels like to be made to feel unwelcome,  I’m no different,  so I go out of my way to try and be that friendly,  smiling face who welcomes everyone in.

So even though I have left Fetlife and haven’t been to a party since BBW,  I do have a role to fulfill for the annual SSNY Christmas party and I am starting to put things together. This is what I posted on my Twitter feed this week,  and if you would like to follow me on Twitter I can be found here FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER

What do you reckon? Does that sound like a good idea? This year I’m hoping to conduct a haunted tour of New York 🙂

Flashing Her Panties To The Boys

Any excuse for a spanking,  right? Well,  in a way,  but not when your mind works like mine does.

As time has gone on I have found out what it is that makes me tick. Now despite having been to many parties and developing many friendships,  I’m really of the opinion that I am more of a private player than most. Sure,  I take part in as much as I can and a few years ago I used to be that person who would play publicly with just about anyone. As time has gone on though I have felt more and more that I am most comfortable using the  ‘less is more’  philosophy.

There are times when I think that other folks don’t think that I am having a good time,  but nothing could be further from the truth. The only difference is that my definition of a fun time differs slightly from others. I’m not alone in this,  there are many people who take a more docile approach at parties,  but that is the great thing about attending,  you can do things at your own pace.

What happened on Friday at the Boardwalk Badness party,  going into Saturday,  was one of those special moments that I strive for. Certainly it was an event that was the highlight of the party for me because of the way my mind works.

Just prior to the party I had introduced myself to Bertha Mason online after reading her profile on Fetlife. Now at the SSNY party in December I had met Bertha but it was nothing more than just hello really. On Fetlife I simply do not seek friendship requests any more,  I always approve them but I never actually seek to add them. After I read Bertha’s profile though,  and answered a public question or two that she had,  I requested her friendship through a private message.

Her profile interested me and there were a number of items on there that I felt we had a common interest in,  none more so than the simple comment that she liked kindhearted people. That is something that gets me at my core every time as I thrive on kindhearted people. So my plan was to friend request her,  say more than hello at the party and that pretty much was it,  I had no intention of seeking play.

On Friday morning at the party there was a meet and greet for the new people at the party and Mike Tanner had asked me to go along as a familiar face. Because of the time that I got there I was only able to stand in the hallway craning my neck,  along with a group of other people. Bertha was one of those people and she was a few feet behind me. She had actually been in front of me at one point but I got the feeling that she was getting  ‘boxed in’  by a growing plate of testosterone. Now call it spanking radar if you like,  but I just knew what was about to happen next,  and my thoughts came to fruition almost right away. Clearly someone must have asked her how her bottom was and from a side on view for me,  Bertha raised her dress to show her bottom. From the angle that I was at I got the awesome view of her from the side as she showed off her white panties hugging her curves wonderfully.

It wasn’t long after that when I sought Bertha out to tell her that I thought that what she did was really hot. Hey,  look,  I’m a spanko and I know what I like. It reminded me of the first time that I played with Pixie,  when,  after spanking her,  the giddy girl ran to the mirror,  flipped her skirt up and looked at her red bottom whilst grinning from ear to ear.

The whole day went by where I thought no more about it. Okay,  the image may have flashed through my mind once or twice,  but that was it. It was only when I went to bed that night did something strike me,  and as tired as I was it was like I had just had a shot of espresso. My devilish mind started to work overtime and I began to devise a plan. This wasn’t something that I discussed with Bertha,  and I was taking a big chance with being overly presumptuous,  but I had a feeling that this would work,  and from my conversations with her that weekend I also felt that this was something that she would enjoy.

The thoughts in my head were this  “Naughty little girl,  flashing her panties to the boys like that. Why I ought to spank her for that”

Now a couple of weeks ago I had seen the class rosters for the Boardwalk Academy for girls,  so I knew Bertha was in one of my classes during the schoolgirl academy,  I actually remembered it because her name was one of the few where I was asking Jules just who these girls were. Which of the three classes she was actually in I had no idea,  but I did know that she was on the roster.

As Kor-E and I did our pre class run through the wicked thoughts ran through my mind once again. We had 45 girls to cater to,  but I was going to give one of them a little extra attention. If what I had in mind worked,  it could be something that she remembers for quite a while.

As a gag I had put a  “Naughty chair”  sticker on one of the chairs in the front of the class,  basically it was for the unlucky girl in each class who couldn’t see it when she sat down,  and to provide giggles to all of the girls sat behind her. Not in Bertha’s case mind you. When she walked in with her classmates she was already looking frightened and her mouth opened as I met her entering,  telling all of the girls to find an empty seat but stopping Bertha and saying  “Not you,  Bertha,  you sit right there”. She did not look like a happy camper.

I was feeling wicked and I had a plan to enforce. I asked Bertha to stand up and from the look in her eyes I knew that I was going to make this work,  after all,  I had planned it all the night before.

When I invest myself into something I go all out with all of the little idiosyncrasies that can make a scene special. If it is important to me then I want to make it equally as important to the person I am playing with. Everything that I did that morning from the moment Bertha arrived was deliberate,  every single thing.

Bertha was standing at the head of the class facing forwards,  just as I had planned for her to do. I walked behind her and addressed the rest of the class as she looked away from me,  making sure that I didn’t use Bertha by name,  just talking about her in the third party. I’m not going to lie,  I was getting a kick out of watching her looking at the floor and shifting uncomfortably from foot to foot as I sternly spoke about what I had to say to the class. Now I don’t remember it word for word,  but this is the general gist of what I had to say.

“Hello ladies,  and welcome to your geography class. Now one girl in particular has not gotten off to a very good start already. Just yesterday,  during orientation,  I observed this particular naughty girl doing something egregious on her very first day.

Do you know that I observed one girl in this very class flashing her panties to the boys yesterday? Now,  that particular girl has earned herself a private detention with me after class”

At this point I started to head towards Bertha to enforce my plan of arriving at her feet to deliver my final line,  the timing had to be perfect.

“So,  as this girl likes to flash her panties to the boys,  she should have no problem flashing them to me in detention when I take her over my knee…….”

I arrived in front of her at her feet with perfect timing

“And I give her a GOOD. SOUND. SPANKING”

It couldn’t have turned out better if I tried. The final three words were drawn out individually and I could almost hear her whimper. The little that I could see of her face was bright red as she looked at her feet. As I backed up I added  “You can sit down now,  Bertha”

I watched Bertha sit down and without a word of a lie,  she looked petrified. She wouldn’t look at me,  she just stared straight past me with her mouth open and she genuinely appeared scared. Her heart must have been going ten to the dozen. The thought even crossed my mind  “I hope that she doesn’t start crying”

As I continued the lesson with Mr. K I kept my eye on Bertha and her expression changed very little,  she still had the look of a scared girl on her face and it was almost like she was trying to digest every single word that I had said. I really felt like fist pumping the air,  it worked out way better than I hoped it would. In fact it was near perfection,  the look on her face is something that I won’t forget in a hurry I can assure you,  in my dreams I had hoped for that response and I got more than I had hoped for.

What was really cool was during the spanking portions of the class. Due to our positions,  Mr. K had to spank his girls in front of the class,  which,  as luck would have it,  were just a few inches from Bertha each time. It is one of those little things where I wished I could have read her mind. Was she really that scared? Had my words really had a profound effect on her where everything now seemed all too real? Whatever it was,  whenever Mr. K spanked a girl,  Bertha looked EVERYWHERE other than at the girl being spanked. Looking at the floor,  looking at her skirt,  looking at her neighbor,  ANYWHERE but looking at the girl being spanked. Every swat was met with a wince from Bertha. I’m not sure if her reaction was the same when I spanked a girl because I was too busy concentrating on matters at hand.

Once class was over and there were a few giggles as the girls were leaving,  I stopped Bertha on the way out and said  “And remember young lady,  I will see you later”  as I tried to maintain my stern character.

With her mouth still open and a red face she replied  “Yes, sir”

Hours went by and self-doubt started to creep in. Bertha had genuinely looked scared senseless during class and I started to question myself as to whether or not I had overdone it. After all, this was her first big party and the last thing that I wanted to do was actually scare her for real. There will be plenty of time for that later.

The first person that I saw at the banquet that night was her roommate,  DragonEmrys. I pestered her to make sure that Bertha wasn’t genuinely scared and Emmy assured me that she was fine. Pandy joined in the conversation and not long after I saw Bertha arrive. While it may be a scene killer I had to make sure that she was okay,  and while my words had still resonated with her,  she assured me that she was fine,  that what happened was scary,  but it was a good scary. Once I found that out I also reminded her that I was serious,  she had a spanking coming.

Later that night everyone was on the suite level and I bumped into Bertha a couple of times. A lot of play was going on and I was prepared to be patient and wait my time where we could dart off. Well I didn’t have to wait long before Bertha found me and she asked me if now was a good time for us to go away for a bit. Talk about being giddy,  there is something really special when a girl seeks you out specifically to play.

It was scene killer time again but I had to enforce some scene rules. I like to see myself as a role model so I simply had to ensure her safety. Before starting I told Bertha that she could stop the scene at any point if she started to feel uncomfortable,  and she wasn’t to hesitate if that happened. She happily agreed and then I switched into character.

This was something that I was relishing as I dragged the chair into the middle of the room. What could be better than a shaking girl feeling repentant,  not wanting a spanking and submissively following my every lead? I began my opening talk with the following question  “So,  why have I called you here today young lady”?

This was it,  I was expecting some serious squirming and I was going to milk it for all it was worth. Give me an inch and I will take a mile,  scolding is one of my fortes and if I think that I can make a girl squirm then I will turn her face as red as a beet. What I got in return though was the complete opposite of what I was expecting,  the complete opposite,  her reply to me was  “I don’t know what you are talking about”

That genuinely threw me for a loop. The last thing that I was expecting from this meek girl was resistance,  petulance and combativeness. It took me a minute to get my game plan back on focus and she had me stumbling on my words for a little while there. It was just beginning though,  little did I know that I was literally going to have to spank a confession out of this little sprite.

It was like Bertha had planned this just as much as I did,  even when I took her over my knee and I started spanking her. There was no way that she was going to say why I was spanking her.

Now you know that there are certain things that I find aesthetically pleasing,  but I do have to say this. When I lifted Bertha’s skirt and starting spanking her on her cotton panties as she pounded her fists into the carpet  (Yes,  she really did this!! It is the little things you know)  there wasn’t an image that could have topped it.

Want to know what I was dealing with? This should give you an idea.

“Now Bertha,  why are you being spanked right now”?

“Because my skirt came up and YOU were looking at my panties and YOU didn’t like it”

Believe me,  if this was someone who I spank frequently that had said that,  I would have bared them right there and then and I would have spanked their bottom bright red with no further questions asked. What a brat!!

The first thing that I had done when I arrived in Atlantic City was to put a special hairbrush on the dresser and it was going to stay there until I used it for the purpose that I intended it for. Due to Bertha’s behavior however,  that time had been moved up to NOW. This was the first time that I was playing with her though so I wasn’t going to spring this on someone all of a sudden.

Without breaking character I wanted to make sure that this was something that Bertha was okay with,  so I said to her  “If you don’t answer me,  Bertha,  I am going to get that hairbrush on the dresser and I’m going to spank you with it”

The game continued and she continued to play innocent,  just a flat out refusal to acknowledge why she was being spanked. So I had given her the warning with no response,  and now it was time to let her know that I was serious. If she answered me then I knew that she didn’t want the hairbrush,  but if she resisted me then it was telling me that she was okay with it.

“This is your final chance,  Bertha,  you either tell me why I am spanking you or I am going to take that hairbrush to your bare bottom right now”

Silence!! Just an air of willfulness lingering around the room. Right,  that was it.

I stood Bertha up and as she rubbed her bottom I went and got the hairbrush. She had been fairly warned and now she was going to get the hairbrush,  and unfortunately for her it is a pretty mean hairbrush.

Now I can’t remember if I spanked her over her panties with the brush first,  or whether I went straight to the bare. The image that I do remember is applying the hairbrush to her bare bottom.

The hairbrush was very effective!! It didn’t take long before Bertha told me why I was spanking her,  it didn’t take long at all,  but if she thought that the spanking was over she was clearly mistaken. I’m pretty sure that I had told her that her spanking would begin once she told me why she was being spanked.

Okay,  so that wasn’t exactly true. After all,  I had this little mite over my knee for ages already so I could hardly start over from the beginning. I did however make sure that I gave her quite a healthy dose of the brush on her bare bottom before I was done. That was the point where we had genuine squirming and writhing as the brush repetitively bounced off her bottom.

Even though we had been there for a while it seemed like the scene was over far too soon. Realistically I shouldn’t have felt that way because for me the scene had started more than 24 hours before we actually played. It was one of those scenes that I strive for though,  an idea in my mind that turned out to be way better than I could have hoped for. The moment that I told Bertha to sit in the chair that I had designed with her in mind,  the game had begun. If I could bottle up the way that she acted as I scolded her in front of the whole class then I think I would be the happiest man in the world. Though,  the look on her face when I told her that she could sit down after I scolded her was as priceless as could be,  a genuine look of a girl who has just realized that she really is in trouble,  it was perfection. All in all the game had been played for about 14 hours in total.

After the spanking and the hugs I had to get out my Malaysian cane,  she is Asian after all. I was hinting at using it and then I just came out and asked if she wanted to try it. This was the happy part of the scene as she willingly lay over the bed for a few gentle strokes,  and then it was over.

There may be other scenes down the line,  that is something that I would love to discuss with Bertha at some point,  and there may also come a day when I spank her for real with no games being played. If that time ever came then I think Bertha herself would tell you that it would not be a pleasant experience for her,  however,  it would probably be a pretty powerful one for her mind.

There are certain things in this world of ours that totally define who I am, and Bertha Mason had just given me one of them.

Windsor 5-0

It has been a pretty interesting week so far to say the least,  full of surprises,  and while I have a few minutes I will tell you about them.

As you are all aware,  my time online this week is dramatically reduced due to my Brother visiting me. The reason for his visit is that I turned 50 years old on Thursday and he came over to help me celebrate. I wasn’t sure how the day would go,  but shortly thereafter messages of congratulations started to appear on Facebook. Then they started on Fetlife and on my phone and via email,  before long you had the happiest 50 year old on the planet.

Don’t worry,  you are going to get pictures as my birthday gift to you,  but you are going to have to read first before you see the pics.

The night of my birthday we had planned a guys night out with coworkers,  friends and of course my brother. I could sense he was up to something but I didn’t know what,  I’m of course thinking he rented a stripper. Anyway,  I was in mid conversation during the party when I stopped in mid sentence,  later on my brother told me that he wished he had taken a picture of my face at that moment. Something had caught my attention out of the corner of my eye,  I turned and stared and stood there open mouthed. It must have taken me 30 seconds to comprehend what I was seeing. My brother had indeed laid on a surprise for me. The surprise was two friends of mine from my hometown who I have known since I was 15 years old had flown over to surprise me on my 50th birthday,  I was gobsmacked!!

So I thought my time online would be reduced due to my brother being here,  well now it will be next to zero being that two friends of mine have some over as well. Needless to say this was one of the best birthday’s ever,  I felt so much love from so many people and it convinced me,  there is a reason why I am so happy with myself.

So now on to some pics. While practically all of these have been posted to Fetlife,  none of them have been posted to this blog before. If you follow this link you will find every picture on this site where I am personally spanking someone.


How else am I going to start with the pics for you today other than with a couple of that darling of a girl,  Ellee Evergood. If you want quick access to all stories and pics featuring ellee I have created my own page for her which you can access here.. ELLEE EVERGOOD

This first pic was taken at the Boardwalk Badness Party. It was one of my most memorable events of the party because of the circumstances. Being that I was so busy I had very little down time and did a lot of running around. On the Saturday night when I went to the main floor I found ellee milling about around my room. When I asked her what she was up to she replied with the words that makes me feel such a special person,  her response was “I’m waiting for you to spank me”

So spank ellee I did. Pretty much up until now ellee and I do roleplays,  and while I did spank her for her bad “Report card” being that I had to sign it for her,  this spanking was nothing more than a fun,  spank until you are happy session. This pic is the result of a hand,  spoon,  cane and two straps. As ellee would say “So much happy”


The next pic will appear in the long awaited story from Las Vegas when I finish it. I still have to finish my story with Alex Reynolds,  but once I am done I will crack on with the ellee story. So if you think that I hog ellee at spanking parties know that it is true,  I love playing with her as much as she loves playing with me,  deal with it,  our happiness is as important as anyone’s 🙂


The next story that I write will be about Alex Reynolds and our scene in Vegas. I’m so far behind though because I also want to write about this scene that we did along with ellee at BBW. It was a 3 way schoolgirl scene and it was really hot,  though I am trying to save the pics for when I post the story. Here is one of them though.


There was one girl at BBW who I let down by not following up on what I promised. There are no excuses and I WILL make it up to her the next time that I see her. Here is the delightfully sweet Prux and I sharing a tender moment.


During my Brit party I was a caning machine. I have no idea how many people I caned that day but it was a dozen at the bare minimum. Here are two of me caning badsherri. The first one is full action and the second one is the results of the caning.

Sherri and Richard2 (3)Sherri's Cane Marksa

And finally,  I desperately need to get in touch with the guys from Megaspankings to give them some promotion. They are both good friends of mine and I have sadly lacked in getting back to them. Calicutie even phones me and left a message where she sang happy birthday. I will be in touch just as soon as my brother has gone home. Here I am spanking one of their models,  Sky Summers.


Thanks ro everyone for their kind thoughts,  messages and those who sent me a gift,  I love you all so very much.

The Happy Zone

No matter what,  everything will fall into place. Seriously,  how can you control what can’t be controlled. You either adapt to what it is or you reshuffle the deck and the cards will fall where they will.

One of the favorite sayings that I have heard goes along the lines of  “You will never know the moments that you will remember for the rest of your life”

For 2013 I set a goal to make it the best year ever and that goal is so far on track there is nothing but happiness. Normally when I go into a spanking party I am a bundle of nerves but strangely for the Boardwalk Badness party I wasn’t. With over 250 people I knew that the cards were going to fall in place.

There were many important things that happened this weekend and I didn’t force any of them,  they were either going to solidify themselves or they were going to pass by. There was a strange comfort to this approach,  and I don’t think there was any area of importance to me that surprised me. What I thought would happen,  happened. In some cases it confirmed the high platform that I stood on,  and in other cases it confirmed the various other platforms that were present.

Here are some of those important things.

The primary one was the final conversation that I had with Missy in relation to me. We had another conversation but the focus of that was different. If there was one area that I had a hard time with this weekend it was letting people down. Missy helped me with this.

Quite frankly I have never played with that many people in my life at one party,  nor did I anticipate how busy I would be with greeting,  organizing,  assisting,  preparing,  filming,  playing and guiding. There was not a single time that I was unhappy about any of it. If I left the ballroom to go to my room I did so with a smile on my face,  knowing that I was likely to get halfway there before I would have to turn back to show someone where they needed to be. It made me feel good. By the second night my voice was beginning to go and we had so long to go.

The only drawback that I had was that so many people wanted to play,  and I wasn’t able to play with everyone. That one did affect me. It almost sounds pretentious as a top to say that really,  but I know of at least four people who wanted to play who I wasn’t able to play with,  and that annoyed me. I also let someone down and that is something that really did make me feel bad. It isn’t even something that I can really control as I didn’t anticipate how little time I would have,  but seeing that disappointment on someones face bothered me tremendously. Eventually it will fix itself,  and the cards will fall where they will,  but for now I am annoyed at myself.

Missy helped me a lot with that in getting my mind straight. I knew what the answers to those thoughts were,  but she verbally said them to me. I just simply cannot play with everyone and neither can those people have an understanding as to how little time that I had. It is what it is and the cards will fall where they will.

Aside from all of that,  which was basically trying to ensure the happiness of others,  there were things that were important to me and my own happiness. Some very important things as well.

Nothing was going to disappoint me,  at a party this size ones expectations have to be tempered. The things that were important to me were to be granted an audience in some form. I got far more than I ever expected and for that I am so very grateful.

I’m such a simple person really,  easily pleased. The people that I expected an audience with I got,  not from my doing but from theirs. Just that simple act elevates those people in my mind and what I mean to them and likewise,  what they mean to me. Regardless of any play,  there were certain people whose piece of my heart they own, that they will always own that piece after this weekend.

One thing that I wasn’t going to do this weekend was force anything. If there is an environment that I don’t feel that I belong in,  or that I am not welcome in, I didn’t even try to belong there. I belong in places that please me,  and the people that do please me are sitting at home completely unaware of how highly I value them as individuals. Some of these people I didn’t even play with this weekend but they showed me that I belong in other ways.

There were even a couple of times that I should have been disappointed with the way things turned out,  but I’m not. The good that I felt this weekend far outweighs anything. So what are some of the good things?

Knowing that someone important to me was waiting for me,  perhaps even turning down play to ensure that time spent with me would happen. That was perhaps THE most important event of the weekend,  and the happiest one.

Taming the tiger.

Strengthening a friendship that had been on a temporary hiatus.

Bedtime spankings and contentment.

Being asked to sign a report card.

Receiving a text after BBW from someone who I have known a long time but have rarely played with until this year.

Dropping a man point to Alex.

Knowing that Missy is comfortable enough with me that she can be feisty. Knowing that she can say things that will get her spanked even though she tries so hard not to say them. It is a good place to be,  the battle between good and evil,  it is a confirmation that all is so very good.

Setting a rule a following it. Only one rule and my roomie followed it for the entire weekend with the exception of the final hour where things crumbled. Almost an entire weekend passed. Unfortunately we adopted an orphan on Sunday who broke the rule herself. Do you know how empowering it was to say  “Under this roof you follow my rules”  and then deliver a short sharp immediate spanking. It was so good that the poor girl was frazzled for an hour afterwards wanting to make sure she didn’t break the rule again. A total trippy headspace.

Making sure I caned someone who I had caned at Shadowlane a while ago. I felt good that I was able to meet that request.

Seeing Laura on Monday morning and feeling disappointed. A surprising thing to view as important,  but I had spent a period of time looking for her the night before to ask her to play and I didn’t find her. It is important because it is something that I can right in the future. I wanted to play with her as much as she did with me,  if it is meant to happen it will do so at the next party.

My reactions. There were occasions that I should have felt disappointed,  but I didn’t,  they are what they are.

Contentment. I am so incredibly happy. Vanilla people don’t have what we have. Did I wish that I could have played with everyone who wanted to? Of course I do. But I couldn’t and neither will they be able to understand how little time I had. In some cases the opportunity has passed and may never happen again,  for others it will increase the likelihood that it will happen the next time.

What was most important was that some people who I hold in high regard showed me this weekend that they hold me with the same regard. They know who they are and I know who they are as well 🙂

I have a cold and I am emotionally drained. My hand is like it went through a meat grinder and I am so incredibly tired,  but just try and take this smile off my face!!

I’m not even going to review what I just wrote,  it is what it is and I know that I am happy with it,  and I had the best roommate I could hope for,  period.

Boardwalk Badness 2013

It’s that time of year again where we are getting close to the Boardwalk Badness 2013 party. Before we begin,  let me point you to the Fetlife group that is set up for Boardwalk Badness Weekend. On this board you can get the latest party updates as well as take part in the lively discussions that are going on. We ask that the board is used for discussions only and not for personal services,  there will be a post about vendors for that purpose.

Boardwalk Badness Fetlife Group

First things first,  here is the Boardwalk Badness party information and registration page. Please don’t hesitate because the party WILL SELL OUT so make sure you get your application in promptly. If you procrastinate this time you won’t get a spanking,  you will miss out on a fabulous party!! April 18th-21st 2013.

Boardwalk Badness Registration Page

Thursday the 18th

Now I am going to take you through the itinerary that you can expect to find at this year’s event,  and it is shaping up to be one heck of a party already. To start with there will be a number of early attendees due to people travelling in from around the country and around the world. For those of you who do arrive early there will be a pool and hot tub party hosted by yours truly,  Richard Windsor. Drinks and food will be available at the gorgeous hotel indoor pool area overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. This is a relaxation time and is not a play party event,  though if you misbehave I will be free between 4pm and 8pm and I will take you to task 🙂 The pool party will be taking place between 2pm and 4pm.

Between 8pm and 11pm we would like you all to join us for early registration at the burger bar lounge. Register early. Meet the hosts. Have a lite bite and cocktail. Schmooze with other early arrivals. Make weekend play dates or even duck off to your room and play a little now. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep because it’s going to be one heck of a weekend.

Between 11pm and 1am there is a party in the host suites where there will be a “Try the implements” event.

Tops and Bottoms – try the implements that you’ve heard so much about — Mike Tanner’s Lickin Stick and Family Strap,  Mike Stein’s Tanner Reformatory Paddle,  Richard Windsor’s Cane,  Missy’s Razor Strap,  the Tanner Reformatory Strap among many others.

If you’re a bottom,  you can band over and have your choice of top apply it to you at whatever intensity level you choose. If you’re a top,  we will have several lovely ladies eager to volunteer their bottoms for you to practice. This will be a fun new addition to a crazy weekend.

After 1am you can do whatever you wish. To give you some idea though,  last year on the Thursday night I went to bed at 7am the next morning 🙂

Friday the 19th

3pm is check in time and happy hour registration in the cool Pro Bar. Mingle with other spankos. Unwind. Have a cocktail. Chat with your hosts and our STRICTLY STUNNING GREETERS who will answer any questions about the weekend’s itinerary.

Open your WELCOME PACK and check out the FREE GIVEAWAY SURPRISES inside. Hang out and see who arrives. Pencil in private play dates on your Boardwalk Badness Weekend Dance Card.

8pm to 12am is when the main party starts in the main ballroom. The Main Ballroom is distinguished by a smart sleek design that combines classic chandeliers,  rich flooring,  and fabrics with modern furniture and fixtures for a truly timeless setting. A portion of the 6500 square foot plush banquet space will be devoted to private spanking play areas. The remaining common area will be set up with a fully stocked bar,  vendors displaying their spanking wares, high top tables and a state of the art sound system of party music presented by our very own DJ Buzz Lightyear. The catering staff will serve an assortment of hot and cold hors d’ourves. You will also get to see a selection of the hilarious spoof trailers and funny videos that the BBW team produces.

From 12am to 2am the party moves back to the host party suites and then afterwards will carry on in private rooms until the wee hours.

Saturday the 20th

11am until 12 noon is the VERY popular MALE UNIFORM TOP EVENT.

Hosted by Mike Tanner in the Main Ballroom curtained area. This is for all you female bottoms who fantasize about being properly chastised by a man in uniform. Slip into the curtained area and be taken in hand behind a private curtain by a whole host of male tops dressed in uniform. Last year this was one of the most talked about events.

12:30pm – 1:30pm


Relax at your table which overlooks the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. Enjoy a tasty deli sandwich,  bottle of soda or spring water,  and have some fun with our own Philly boy,  Magic Steve,  while he mingles and demonstrates his uncanny MAGIC TRICKS.

2:00pm – 3:00pm


In the sleek Screening Room

Mike and Jules Tanner will premiere a one-hour version of their hot new feature film “Housemother’s Discipline”. You’ll see some of the hottest F/f spankings ever captured on film.  Get there early so you don’t miss this years hilarious new spanking trailers.

3:30pm – 4:30pm


In the Main Ballroom curtained area. Be prepared to suffer under the hands of a strict disciplinarian and her eager group of female disciplinarians. Yes,  there is a special event at this party for naughty boys to get spanked.

3:30pm – 4:30pm


An all-female event. Girls will learn a few fine etiquette points the old fashioned way. Guys are not permitted to observe but you can certainly listen to bare bottoms being cracked from the hallway. Limited enrollment.

5:00pm – 6:00pm


On the suite level hosted by Magic Steve. Calling all ladies and gentleman to spank and be spanked at this fun no pressure gathering of those who like to give and receive.

8:00pm – 12:00am


Another full night of hot spanking fun. Play in the sectioned off private area with that special person. Have a cocktail. Duck off to your room for a private play date. Come back and mingle. Duck off again. Feast on “A TASTE OF THE BOARDWALK” buffet. In previous years this buffet has included all the classic Boardwalk favorites –  New England Clam Chowder,  Caesar Salad,  Jersey Tomatoes and Mozzarella,  Hand Tossed Pizza,  Foot Long Hot Dogs,  Italian Hoagies,  Grilled Sausage and Peppers,  Seafood Rolls. And finish it off with something sweet –  Carmel Corn,  Hot Fritters,  Mini Cup Cakes,  Fresh Baked Cookies and La Colombe Coffee and assorted T-salon Teas. Be sure to bring your dancing shoes because new this year is an all evening long dance party hosted by DJ Buzz Lightyear.

During dinner there will be a performance by the SSNY comedy troupe being led by Jules called “Dear Fetlife”

12:00am – 2:00am


Suite level play goes to a whole new level on Saturday night!

Sunday the 21st

11:00am – 12:00am


In the Main Ballroom.

Enjoy complimentary coffee and a Bagel with your fellow weary party goers one last time.

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM


In the Main Ballroom

Sit back and watch Strict Dave from Atlanta, GA conduct an actual courtroom trial where party attendees who have been charged with offenses by other attendees have their day in court. (Any party attendee can submit a written charge against any other attendee.)
Dressed in authentic judge’s robes,  Strict Dave hears the evidence presented by both sides and rules on the punishment to be given.

Will you be charged at this year’s Punishment Court and sentenced to a trip across the spanking bench???

If you’re staying over another night like most of us are,  sign up for …


6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Join Cousin Joe (Dr Lechtr) and Ten as they host another spanking cruise aboard a luxury yacht in the gorgeous back bay of Atlantic City.

Spanking and partying on the open seas!  It doesn’t get any better than this!!!

DON’T DELAY – Get your application in as soon as you can otherwise you may miss out.

Heading To Boardwalk Badness Weekend

Today I leave for the Boardwalk Badness party,  so my blog updates might not happen until next week. You never know though,  I will have the PC with me so maybe you will get some pics during the party itself. Just to give you an idea of the fun ahead though,  here are a selection of pics from the last two years.

And while these two pics were from spanking parties though not from BBW,  these two sexy girls happen to be two of my favorite people who I can’t wait to spend some time with this weekend.


The Top Pics Of 2011

As I wait for the Superbowl I decided to collect some more top tens of 2011, I was trying to decide which one to share but let’s face it, everyone loves spanking pics 🙂 So here are the top ten most viewed pics of 2011. What did surprise me is that all of them were from my personal spanking photos, I guess you, the viewers, prefer my actual pics to random ones. Maybe later in the week I will do the top ten pics for each year of this blog.

Number 1:

This is only a screencap from my movie, Ten – The Sassy P.A, but it was a pic everyone loved. (click the link for ten more pics from the film) This was the most clicked on spanking pic in 2011.

Number 2:

When I was at Shadowlane I post all of my spanking pics in blocks, which I think had something to do with the results. This pic was taken in 2010 with the lovely Sarah Rocks.

Number 3:

Also features a pic from the same set, CLICK THIS LINK for the entire set of spanking pics with Sarah Rocks.

Number 4:

We are going way back into the archives for this one and I imagine that this pic will be in the top ten for previous years as well. Seriously, that has to be just about the most perfect bottom to spank, isn’t it? It is of course none other than Pixie who is about to get the strap.

Number 5:

It is Pixie once again, this time from a promo video that we shot for Boardwalk Badness Weekend. I am such a lucky guy, aren’t I?

Number 6:

From my best selling video, Amber Grey – Schoolgirl Blues, here we have a still of me applying the hairbrush to Amber Grey. Click the link for more pics from the movie.

Number 7:

It seems pretty clear that people loved the set of pics that I took with Sarah Rocks. In this one she gets to keep her panties up.

Number 8:

The third one from one of my movies, and it is yet another screencap. The one is from Sarah – The Bratty Niece and once again, click the link for more pics from the movie. This really is a great angle, thanks to Dr. Lecter for that.

Number 9:

One of the really older pics that keeps resurfacing. Can you believe that this was the very first spanking that I ever gave to Amber Grey? Yes, this was long before I lost all of the weight as you can see.

Number 10:

Rounding out the top ten, and I was delighted this one made it in as it is one of my personal favorites. This pic was taken at a private party with my very dear friend, Munchkin.

Be sure to click the tabs below to see more of your favorite girls. Now before I close, at Boardwalk Badness this year, Dana Specht and I are going to do yet another interview. The theme this time is going to be “Dana Specht – Bedtime Stories”. We are both going to be in our pajamas, sipping wine, and listening to Dana talk about some of her favorite stories. Now it is early, but closer to the date I am going to post this again, but if you want to get in early you can fill it out now. It is bedtime spankings related, so what would you like to ask Dana?



My Videos