5 Questions For 5 Tops –Question 5

The 2011 Christmas show is coming guys!! It is finished and ready to publish and will be seen Thursday night on this site!! Check back for my 3rd annual Spanking Christmas Radio Show.

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Question Number 5.

Finally,you have a workshop where only the naughtiest of Elves work. These elves require frequent spankings,at least once a week. Which 5 elves are the most deserving to be placed in your naughty Elf workshop,the ones who need to be spanked more than most?

The London Tanner:

Already under employment are Nightoww,Stellafl and NYirishred who all seem to need spanking regularly but elves considered for employment in 2012 would be:
Pixie of Punished Brats as she is just too cute not to spank
Jules of SSNY as she seems to be constantly in need of correction as well as an honest days work.
Amber Grey of Amber Paddled Pink as I just love that southern accent of hers as well as that southern ass.
Caroline Grey of Ireland as she is just so good at taking a well deserved punishment
Munchkin as she would make such a good slave Elf
But all applications will be considered send a bare bottom photo to London Tanner to apply.

Dana Specht:

The five naughty elves who deserve to be spanked by Mrs. Santa are:  Yoni,Sarah,Larry,Stefan,and Brad.  Yoni for being a brat,Sarah for not getting her office clean and tidy,Larry for forgetting to smile,Stefan for standing me up for a video shoot,and Brad for leaving last year’s BBW party early (I know it was for reasons beyond his control,but still…)

Mike Tanner:

Wow,  the five most in need of regular spankings,  mmmm,  that’s a hard one,  here’s my list which is subject to change at any moment:


Mike Stein:

Damn,only 5!!

Richard Windsor:

This is a really tough one,so I will have to go with the first five girls that come to mind as my special naughty girls.




Naughty Freckles


6 comments to 5 Questions For 5 Tops – Question 5

  • Have you noticed how one naughty girl’s name seems to appear on every list? As these questions were asked indepenly that is not a coincidense

  • This thing is rigged,I tell ya! RIGGED!!!

  • Sara Fields *otkdesire*

    I only made one list! *giggles….

  • munchkin (aka innocent-angel)

    Well at least I already have a Santa’s helper outfit…

    Unfortunately I don’t do bare bottom pics,so I’m unable to apply to the London Tanner’s workshop. Oh darn 😛

  • IrishRed

    I couldn’t help but notice that my name is mentioned several times during these answers. What’s going on? How did this happen?? I can explain!!

    ( …and Merry/Happy Christmas to all you Tops)

  • Missy

    Hey,how’d I get on two of these lists? I’ve been so good lately *cough* at not getting caught *cough*. 😀

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