5 Questions For 5 Tops - Question 3

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Question Number 3.

When Santa visits you,what do you want to find under your tree this year?

The London Tanner:

“My four naughty girls Kay,Stella and Red and Aurora bottoms up panties down and holding canes and not of the candy variety.”

Dana Specht:

A diamond and emerald necklace or earrings to match my ring.”

Mike Tanner:

“I asked santa for a brand new tanner reformatory paddle –the old fashioned kind that they used in schools in the 1950’s”

Mike Stein:

“Any racecar related gifts,any toys that sing or dance,I love em!!! and of course socks and underwear….lol”

Richard Windsor:

“A Red Ryder BB Gun with a compass in the stock,and this thing which tells time. Or perhaps Samantha Woodley wearing a babydoll nightie and matching panties”

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