Streetcar Sundays – 153

Here is one of my several finds this week for my MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS Sunday entry number 153. This particular image came from a deep search of a state newspaper archive, and while it only turned up this one pic after hours of searching, it did also lead me to another streetcars spanking image. Both of them are rehearsal pics and in this one it looks like the action is about to begin, but the young lady seems to be in the throes of negotiating the scene. The smug look on his face I think already tells the story of how this is going to go.

I was delighted with this new find, as I was with the other streetcars pic that I found. The other one requires a lot of work for me to enlarge it and make it presentable, but I have done a good job so far and it is definitely in a presentable state. A bit on the dark side but the image is clear.

Anyway, enjoy the latest Men Are Like Streetcars image, I will keep searching and finding new entries for you all.

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