The Spanking Year Is Over

In what was probably the best year that I have ever had in the realm of spanking,  I believe that aspect is now over for the year. This weekend we had the SSNY Christmas party which was an amazing success. It wasn’t just a spanking party,  it was a weekend’s worth of events with a wonderful group of people. On Friday night we all met at a bar while it was pouring outside and everyone got merry. On Saturday morning I conducted a walking tour of New York which,  despite being bitterly cold,  I believe was enjoyed by most of the people who went. There was about 20 people who came on the tour seeing everything from Irving Klaw’s studio, Andy Warhol’s factory,  The Gramercy gym up to Teddy Roosevelt’s birthplace. There were about 20 stops along the way. Now even though all we were seeing were the exterior’s of what was once was,  I did get a lot of good feedback at the end of the tour. Okay,  so I ended up without about half of the original group by the end,  and even those I lost half of in Union Square,  lol,  but I was able to find them thanks to now owning a cell phone.

The evening was wonderful,  I was finally able to play with DragonEmry’s after making a big mistake of not playing with her at BBW,  not only did I spank her but I also caned the front of her thighs,  which was the reason that we didn’t play in April,  because back then I wasn’t comfortable doing that. The first spanking that I gave was to my good friend,  Kat the Brat. We don’t always get to play at parties,  I guess because we are such good friends,  but I wanted to make sure that we played this time. Perhaps the biggest surprise of all was when TopJosh told me that Boswell wanted to play with me. Now at spanking parties when I first meet someone,  I rarely ask that person to play. My whole premise is that each person is more than a person to spank,  I want to befriend them first and treat them as a person before anything else. It is super rare for me to play with anyone when first meeting them. Well,  I can assure you that I lucked out on Saturday. I told Boswell that I wouldn’t play hard and her response was “I’m okay with thighs”. Okay,  so my plan of not playing hard didn’t work,  Boswell copped the hardest spanking that I gave all night,  and her thighs got more than their fair share of hard swats. Man,  I felt so lucky,  such a sweet person and someone who I think that I could do a wonderful play session with. When the spanking started I tried my usual play lecture and whilst it was hard to shout over the noise,  her reactions to my words were really awesome. It was just a simple question “have you been a good girl”? and it was met by that delightful burying the head in the hands. At a later party I would love to do a scene with her where I can get into using my voice,  I have a feeling that it would work really well. As for the play,  whew,  this girl has such an amazing booty and her reactions to the spanking were fantastic. Perhaps my favorite moment was when the spanking was over,  watching her look over her shoulder and pouting as she looked at her fiery red bottom.

It was something that I planned because I am a little OCD this way,  but as I expect this to be my last play of the year,  I wanted to finish the year the way that I began the year,  with some personal time with ellee. If you have followed this blog throughout this year you would have read a lot about this amazing girl,  a truly remarkable young lady. On January the first at 12.30am,  ellee was the first girl that I spanked this year,  and if my premonition is correct she will also be the last person that I spank this year. Being that ellee has helped me regather who I was as a person this year I couldn’t be happier for events to play out that way.

This was nothing more than a friendly spanking,  well,  okay,  her thighs got more treatment than they deserved 😉 Once it was over ellee sat on my lap and we talked about the past year. Saturday also happened to be almost a year to the day since we had first met and we had talked beforehand about an anniversary spanking. During this talk ellee told me how I had helped her this year and how I had fulfilled a fantasy of hers. The feeling of course is mutual and ellee gave me something this year that I had always wanted. I can’t really put my finger on a specific thing,  but when I entered the spanking world the thing that I was looking for ellee provided. It is a combination of play,  demeanor,  character and spirit.

In fact at one point I told ellee that she had spoiled me this year,  not for anything that she has done but for who she was. I’ve never been one to take shit from anyone in any form. I’m not saying that I go out of my way to be confrontational,  in fact far from it. When feelings are portrayed in my direction that are not positive though I have only one reaction,  I have no time for it whatsoever. ellee spoiled me because she is just so incredibly friendly and kind,  she makes you feel like a million bucks. My focus in life is on kind people,  and there are a vast number of them out there. It takes very little effort to be warm and friendly towards another human being. When someone kisses you on the cheek and says ‘Happy Anniversary’ after you have spanked them,  why wouldn’t you focus on that,  it really doesn’t get much better.

So thank you,  ellee,  just for being who you are. You have made this year a very special one for me.

Now I don’t want anyone to be somber with this news because I’m not somber over it. This week I was told at work that I am being laid off and it will happen within the next two months. Based on this information and an uncertain future,  this may be my last spanking party for a while. Even before I knew this I had expected it so I had planned to make this weekend special.

I’m not going anywhere,  and if things fall as I hope they will then who knows,  it will be business as usual. For now though,  when I get a new job,  there isn’t going to be much time in 2014 to attend spanking parties,  at least until I get settled anyway. Maybe by 2015 I will be back in full swing and back to my regular schedule. At this point I don’t even know where I will be going,  my goal has been to move away from New York but it will be dependent on the job market. If I get a job in Iowa though,  I’m taking it. I’m not sure where in the States I will end up,  it could be in New Jersey for all I know,  but 2014 will hold a new challenge for sure.

Next up on this blog I will be talking about pictures. What I like,  what I don’t like and why certain pics have such an appeal to me.


3 comments to The Spanking Year Is Over

  • Kat

    YAY! I’m glad we got to play too!! It wouldn’t have been an SSNY party for me if we didn’t get to play. I’m glad that you were able to have your amazing spanko year and hope that your joy continues into the next.

    As for moving… I hear North Carolina is pretty nice. 😉


  • I’m so glad I got to play with you at the party to finish off the year. You always hit the spot for me, every time. You’ve made this last year really special for me too, you know. You are a wonderful man, and I hope next year surprises you and is even better than the last. Change can be good 🙂

  • NJSpank

    So glad you ended the year on such a high note….


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