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Here is what I have coming up for you in the next couple of days. Tomorrow will be the usual Sunday Sorority Spanking which will feature a classic vintage OTK spanking with the use of a hairbrush. Speaking of the hairbrush, I played once more with Ellee during the week and I have written the story so far of how we have played to date. The story needs a lot of editing so I will post that story on Monday along with some pictures from the latest session.

This morning I went through my Kiss Me Kate folder to round up some more unusual spanking pics. Normally what I do is I scour Chross’ database to see what I have that might be new and can be contributed, but then it dawned on me that perhaps I shouldn’t go too nuts with that. Chross collects all of the Kiss Me Kate spanking pics that people post, send in, or the ones that he collects himself, so my thought process that I wanted to add something new is misguided anyway. Any Kiss Me Kate spanking pic that I add, and that is new, is going to be added to the database regardless, so they are going to end up on both of our sites anyway. So instead of searching through page after page to see what has been posted so far, I can let Chross do that and he can add to the database the pics that are new contributions. I have also added a Kiss Me Kate tag of all the Kiss Me Kate spanking pics that I have added over the years and there is probably quite a few in my archive that aren’t in the database either.

Clipboard08a 5502e2fc9c445f1457c5479b5231be55 2794306976_471c4bf0e1_b 3510151201_18c2748d2b_b Clipboard04 NPN132_19711016_062e

3 comments to More Kiss Me kate

  • NJSpank

    I like the one where he pulled up her dress….nice.

  • I´m just fine with this approach!
    It is indeed much easier for me using the right tool to see if pictures are new or not.
    In this case of all these seem to be “new”=)


  • Richard Windsor

    That’s great,Chross,because when I do searches it is normally with funky search terms. Most of the time I think I will have new stuff but it is a pain to go through 100’s of pics first 🙂

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