10 thoughts on “Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 151

  1. Don’t think they had stairmaster exercise machines in those days.
    To get ‘buns of steel’ you had to do a lot of walking up stairs & hills.
    Anybody smacking that young lady’s posterior with their hand would
    risk serious damage to their own appendage.

  2. What a fascinating picture! Some questions come to mind:

    Was this from a high school yearbook? If so, what city and what year? This really does look like its from a time and place where spanking a “misbehaving lass” is definitely the norm.

    And this photo, while certainly stylized, almost looks real. Look at the expression on the punished girl’s face…..

  3. Colin,

    It seems such a long time ago now, I’m already buried deep into the Rugby World Cup now, lol. Maybe those girls need a spanking, eh? 😉


  4. Joe,

    It would have been from a yearbook, yes, but I would have to look again to see if I marked down exactly where it came from. An event happened a few years ago that made me stop putting years and locations on images, and for the most part people don’t care where they come from, they just want to see the image. However, I do realize that there are a very select few that want the details in full so I will let you know.


  5. Dale,

    Indeed my friend, if she can bust a paddle imagine what she can do to your hand, lol 🙂


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