Interview With Ophelia De Havilland – Part 5

In this section of the interview I have decided to let it run for a bumper section. Originally I thought that I had about 8 sections remaining,  but after posting one of this length there may only be five left after this,  possibly six. In this section we talk about the spanking gene and how for some people they never understood where it came from. We also talk about the spankings that used to be in comic books when we were growing up,  and we are talking every single week someone was getting spanked.

That had a huge influence on me as a younger man,  especially as the girls  (with some exceptions)  always seemed to be getting spanked on their panties. Girls such as FusspotMoana Lisa,  Teacher’s Pet etc. Ophelia talks about a bare bottom canvas in this section,  which differs slightly to me as I rarely bare the bottom,  unless it is requested as a need,  and I really think that the comic books had a long effect on me there. I know I’m weird,  but a proper spanking to me psychologically is over the underwear,  pretty strange,  right? At the bottom of the video there is a feedback form if anyone cares to leave any feedback. Ophelia and I are planning on another interview either later this year or early next year,  so feel free to let us know what you would like to hear in a future audio recording between the two of us.

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3 comments to Interview With Ophelia De Havilland – Part 5

  • NJSpank

    Rich. Classic interview love the topics and her voice oh my. Really enjoyed this series and will be listening again. Great work thank you.
    Hard to think of another because this lady is so classy and really a legend. There is a few younger ones that might be interesting but not sure.
    Many thanks and again so sorry for your personal loss.

  • Richard Windsor


    Very classy, but also very warm, friendly and oh so easy to get along with. I also enjoy Ophelia’s voice and I would love to hear her narrate a spanking story.

  • KB

    Hi Richard,
    Took a break from the blog world for a while. I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of your brother.


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