Interview Posted

This has been an incredibly busy week, not only that but the temperature here in New York has been hovering around and above 100 degrees, talk about sticky and mucky!! Fear not though because I hope to update all of my sites tonight with pics galore, though I will probably update this one tomorrow.

3 comments to Interview Posted

  • munchkin

    Nice interview Mr. Dog.

    Also…..just wanted to point out my interview was first. I win. I’m way cooler and awesome-er, and you are just trying to be famous like me 😛

  • jean

    Richard, The interview was very good. I really enjoyed reading it. It’s great that Suzy did it. I am also thinking that Munchkin is getting a big head,lol.

  • LR

    I’m thinking Munchkin might need a spanking. She sure is getting bratty about being 1st and cooler and awesome-er and all that….


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