An interview with Mrs Birch, who is visiting to New York soon.

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing the internationally famous disciplinarian, Mrs. Birch, from Sydney, Australia. Mrs. Birch at one time owned and ran the ‘Class 6B’ website in Australia and continues to be one of the premier disciplinarians down under. Very soon, most likely mid May, Mrs. Birch is going to be bringing her talents to America, and more specifically she is going to be staying in New York City. This is going to be a working holiday and Mrs. Birch will be seeing clients during her stay, maybe you will be lucky enough to get a chance to see Mrs. Birch yourself, but be warned, she isn’t for the faint hearted. Before we start, Mrs. Birch has also joined the blogging world and you can view her new blog at

Richard: Mrs. Birch, thank you so much for taking the time to conduct this interview with me, I would imagine that you are very excited about this upcoming trip to New York City.

Mrs Birch: Hello Richard, it is my absolute pleasure, thank you for asking me to join you, and yes, I am very excited about my upcoming trip to New York City. I know I am going to love it as I have heard many great things about New York City. I’m really looking forward to finally meeting a number of old members of my class6b website who reside in New York City, and of course meeting up with many new friends. I am also hoping to make some videos while I’m there.

Richard: Before we get into what you do now, can we start with your upbringing. It is my understanding that you yourself were subjected to spankings growing up. Can you tell us who administered these spankings and how were they carried out?

Mrs Birch: Yes of course. Both my parents were fairly liberal in the punishments they meted out, and did so on a regular basis! My father’s favorite method of punishment was a ritualistic strapping on the bare bottom. Whoever was to be punished, (between my siblings and I) was ordered to their bedroom to wait with the door closed, while the rest of the family continued eating their evening meal. The wait could sometimes be an agonizing hour or so. The culprit would wait in terror, every second dreading the sound of his footsteps coming down the hall. When he finally entered the room, father would order pants down, followed by a command to kneel on the floor, with torso across the bed, arms outstretched. He’d remove his belt from his trousers and while doing so he’d describe what you did wrong and how punishable the offence was and just how he intended to punish you for it. He would double that belt over and deliver usually around a dozen or so vicious strokes of the strap to a cold bare bottom in ritualistic fashion. When it was done, it was followed by an order to get into bed, with lights out, door closed and a warning that if he heard one peep then there would be more to follow. I do recall at an earlier age also receiving spankings from my father. I have a memory of him holding onto a wrist with one hand and stretching it above our head, while he spanked our bottom with the other free hand. This manner of spanking did not make for an easy getaway for the spankee!

My mother was a little different. She was quick to whip off a slipper, or grab a hairbrush, feather duster, wooden spoon, spatula, or anything else that could be painfully applied to a bare upturned bottom or backs of legs. My sisters and I received those types of punishments on a regular basis. However, there was not so much ritual attached to them, but we hated them just the same.

Both my parents were very strict people, and were themselves raised by strict Victorian style parents. Both my Grandmothers were very strict Matriarchs, as were most of the women in the family. I remember my husband used to joke about being jealous of my childhood! He received no discipline growing up!

Richard: That sounds like you were properly prepared yourself to dish out punishments later in life. Did other family members, or maybe other people, also spank you in your life?

Mrs Birch: No, we didn’t receive discipline from other family members other than verbal chastisement, but we were attending school when corporal punishment was still the order of the day. I received the ruler to the back of the legs and palms on many occasions. In those days one didn’t have to do much to receive such punishments. Talking in class was usually enough to receive a few sharp strokes of a ruler to the backs of legs (for girls), or a detention which always consisted of a written imposition, or scab duty. There was the cane for boys for various offences. We had a fairly strict ex army major who was Headmaster of our school and it was he who usually administered the corporal punishment, otherwise it was our deputy Headmistress. She was very grim from what I remember of her.

Richard: That brings back memories for sure, Mrs. Birch, corporal punishment was still very much used in schools in England when I grew up there. Let me ask you something else, there may be a lot of our readers who don’t actually know you. Would you care to tell us a bit about your background as a disciplinarian?

Mrs Birch: Certainly Richard. Some 20 years ago I was the owner/operator of a fairly large and exclusive bordello in Darling Harbour for some years. After I left the bordello I had a short break from Sydney and returned to commence my apprenticeship as a Bondage & Discipline Mistress. In the bordello, I was always rather fascinated and intrigued with the stories our ladies would tell regarding a certain few of our clientele having ‘extra special needs’. To cut a long story short, I found my way into a B&D house and commenced my apprenticeship as a Mistress. I quickly worked out that my real passion was for Corporal Punishment and traditional and Domestic Discipline style sessions with a special interest in the Victorian Era. I find B&D a very different arena to the CP world.

I decided to branch out alone from the establishment and began my solo career as a Disciplinarian. I conducted my appointments in a private residence and specialized in administering and receiving domestic, scholastic and traditional CP sessions. I learned the finer points of caning from a dear friend of mine who claimed to have been privileged to learn how to cane from the legendary Anne Bowman. I met my husband around that time and he also shared a passion for strict CP and Discipline, in particular strict punishments pertaining to the Victorian era. Together we developed our website,, ‘Mrs. Birch’s Discipline School’. It quickly became very popular and soon developed into a very large site to maintain. We ran the site for several years and based the theme of the site around our Domme/sub lifestyle together. On the site I ran a Chastity program, conducted Strict Detentions, online discipline and training, and also live phone sessions. Together we wrote stories for the website and provided plenty of free content and photos as well as a private members area. We also made CP videos, and created custom photo shoots for clients, which were always extremely popular. Living on our isolated farm proved a perfect venue in which to indulge our lifestyle.

Sadly the website was taken off the internet in September 2003, but I am currently in the process of revamping it. I had planned to have it on the air before Christmas 2006, then had to put it off until February 2007, but have had to delay its launch again due to other commitments which all seem determined to prevent class6b.s return from happening quickly!

These days as well as conducting live sessions, I spend a lot more time training couples in the area of domestic discipline, as well as offering a professional counseling service to couples who are trying to integrate d/s into their relationship and find themselves in need of a little guidance. Yes Richard, I am a qualified counselor as well!

I work with the couple for a period of time by helping them to identify and work on specific areas that will help them to find a balance in their relationship. That could mean live sessions, relationship counseling, Disciplinary/domination training, phone support etc or in some cases only minor fine-tuning is needed. Each couple has their own unique set of needs so I tend to tailor what’s required to the couple.

Richard: That is a fascinating look into your background, Mrs. Birch, thank you so much for sharing that with us all. One thing that I have noticed through the various sites online is that you are well known for your expertise in administering the cane, is this your favorite implement of correction?

Mrs Birch: Richard, I love using all my implements but yes, I would have to say that the cane is my favorite implement. She is the subtlest, most powerful, and yet cruelest of all instruments. I find something very intimate about the ritual of caning. Having someone positioned submissively over a whipping bench or bending to touch toes in the traditional position with head down, bottom bare and vulnerable; waiting for me trustingly to bring down that first vicious stroke, is a very personal experience. I love the moments leading up to the first stroke, positioning myself correctly in the silence, taking my aim, tapping the bottom playfully, building tension, drawing back my arm and then making my decision to strike. The spine tingling sound of that distinctive whoosh, as the cane whistles through the air at 100 miles an hour; for microseconds preceding the moment of impact is something that strikes fear into most hearts. I relish the reaction of the recipient as he or she acknowledges in those first critical moments, the spiteful pain searing its way through the flesh all the way to the bone. The process never ceases to fascinate me. Then when the cane departs the skin it leaves behind in its wake a livid welt across tight white skin. Yes, I would have to say that the cane is my favorite…

Richard: I am sure that vivid description of your caning technique has just captured the attention of nearly every reader as well, lol. Aside from the cane, do you have any other favorite toys that you like to spank naughty bottoms with?

Mrs Birch: Mmmm…well, as I mentioned, I love all my implements for the various qualities they each possess, and for each a different method of application applies, so it is hard to compare and choose favorites. But there is one amusing little girl I have, called the Japanese Marital Paddle. I believe she is designed for Japanese ladies’ bottoms but there have been very few naughty Western males over the years who could take many strokes of this paddle! It is actually made from a lightweight wood but it has surprising strength and tenacity. It is fashioned with a long handle and large rounded business end, perfectly sized to painfully spank one buttock at a time, or both! I also have another implement, which I particularly love, called the Brat Smacker. It’s a large wooden maple spoon made by a company called J’s Attic. I was sent a collection of fine implements many years ago by the couple who handcrafted these spoons and I have had many pleasurable hours over the years spanking away with the Brat Smacker. What a nasty little implement it is! Perfectly balanced and sheer, agonizing torture! You certainly know you’re in trouble when either of these two comes down across your bottom! They are challenging to say the least. And I do love to challenge!

Richard: I’ll make a mental note not to ask you to show me those two when you get to New York 😉 Memories of the wooden spoon are far from my favorite as it is. I know from having talked to you that you are also known for your ability to take a good caning as well. Is this important for you to know what each implement feels like before you administer it yourself?

Mrs Birch: For me personally Richard, yes it is. For instance, each strap, paddle, cane, crop, whip etc, has a totally different feel to it. They each possess varying degrees of severity, and if I have experienced each implement across my own bottom in a genuine discipline session prior to using them on someone else, I know first hand what they are like. I believe I’ll be able to use an implement more effectively on another if that is the case. For instance, I’ll know better when to use each implement, the effect it will be likely to have upon the recipient, if it needs to be used lightly or brought down more severely and appropriate times to use it throughout the session.

Richard: As I plan to give you a gift of a cracker barrel paddle, I guess I’m going to have to let you know what it feels like then 😉 When you get to New York City there is a chance that you will be seeing some clients..

Mrs Birch: I would hope so!

Richard: Based on the fact that you are known for your ability to administer very sound punishments, do you prefer that any potential clients are people who are able to accept a firm punishment, and if so, what could they expect once they are at your mercy?

Mrs Birch: Yes, my reputation is one who administers fairly sound punishments Richard but no, it is not the case that I prefer to see clients who can only accept such punishments. I tailor each session to suit the individual, whether his or her level of discipline is light, medium or heavy. After all, what’s light to one could be heavy to another. The thrill and satisfaction for me comes from knowing that my client’s needs and desires are fulfilled. Before we begin a session, I generally discuss with my client the details of the session they desire, and ask questions that will enable me to craft a session accordingly. Questions to do with previous experience, their idea of the level of discipline they enjoy and have had previously, role play, best and worst experiences, important phrases to use, favorite implements, least favorite, whether they want to use a safe word throughout if necessary, etc, and most of all, what do they want to walk away feeling like.

Richard: The true mark of a very experienced professional Jennifer. What if some of your potential clients have very limited experience, would you still be able to provide a tailored session? As an example, perhaps someone wanted just a hand spanking followed by an implement such as a slipper, hairbrush or wooden spoon, would you be able to accommodate these individuals also?

Mrs Birch: Yes of course Richard. I would ask particular questions of my client that would enable me to gain an idea of what they wanted from the experience and tailor the session accordingly. I have taken many people through their first disciplinary experience over the years and I have many people who come to me for just a spanking.

Richard: I have also read that you are quite adept at role-play, or maybe revisiting a situation from someone’s past that they were never punished for. Can you tell us some of your favorite roles to play, whether that is as a Teacher or an Aunt etc?

Mrs Birch: Richard, at the risk of sounding cliché, if I include submissive roles as well as the dominant roles, then I love all of the roles I have played over the years. My enjoyment is more to do with the actual session than the role I am playing. I can say though that the most popular roles I am asked to play are naturally the Headmistress followed closely by ‘Aunty’, (that will shock you I know! lol) and indeed I probably have more nephews in the world than I care to think about! But I also adore the roles of Judge and Prison Warder. They are a lot of fun and I can really super strict and as severe as I generally like to be!

Richard: I’m sure after your trip to New York you are going to have a whole lot more nephews and nieces, probably some pretty sorry ones at that. Through some of your pictures that I have seen, you also use aspects of feminizing during your sessions. Do you especially enjoy spanking the panty clad seats of naughty boys? Are there any other punishments you may enforce during a session?

Mrs Birch: Yes… there is certainly something very special about spanking a silky panty clad bottie! The feminizing sessions I conduct are generally in the form of Petticoat Discipline; which is a humiliating punishment having its origins in the Victorian Era. I also conduct Sissy Maid training sessions, which can include the complete transformation and domestic and discipline training of a new sissy maid, or simply the continuation training of experienced sissy maids. Again, the sessions are tailored to suit the individual. Other forms of punishments will vary according to each client, and based upon their needs and fantasies.

Richard: That should be good news to the folks in New York City, I’m sure there are a lot of people who have had this fantasy but have been unable to act it out. What better time to start than to do so with someone as experienced and understanding as yourself. Are there any situations that are hard limits for you that you would not accept in one or any of your punishment sessions?

Mrs Birch: Sex, or any sexual practices such as hand relief, or body worship are not permitted or offered in my sessions. I strictly cater to folks who have passion to be disciplined or wish to administer the discipline! From time to time I am asked to do something a little outside the typical session I conduct, and if it takes my fancy to accept the session I will do so. I’ll make a judgment at the time.

Richard: When you are in New York you will be renting some studio space. I’m sure that a lot of people would like a session with you, how can potential customers get a hold of you to schedule an appointment?

Mrs Birch: Initially anyone who wishes to have a session with me while I am in New York, should email me at It would probably be wise to contact me as soon as possible so that I can pencil you in my diary now. I envisage that this will only be a short trip around 21 days, so don’t want to disappoint anyone. When I finalize travel dates and a venue where I shall be conducting my appointments I will inform you Richard and also post details to my blog and myspace profile at

Richard: Yes, the forward planning is very important, which is why I wanted to get this interview up as soon as I could to allow people to make their plans. Finally, Jennifer, is there anything else that you would like to say to the good folks of New York City? And will you be bringing some of your dreaded instruments of correction with you?

Mrs Birch: Yes Richard, I would like to mention once more how much I am looking forward to visiting New York and finally meeting you wonderful New York City people who remained loyal supporters of my site for many years. If I do get the opportunity to travel to other parts of the US on this trip, I will surely do so, but if not, I will plan a trip to the West Coast perhaps next year. As far as traveling with some of my beloveds, I will check with customs first and see what is allowable as far as bringing them with me, and of course, my re-entry to Australia with them could be a little tricky. As long as I can, I will. I have entertaining visions of being asked by a customs agent to unpack my suitcase, and the ensuing scenario… imagine a scene from Airport Security…

Richard: Trust me, I have quite a few stories of airport security and spanking implements myself. Well Mrs. Birch, thank you so much for conducting this interview with me, I am sure that come May there is going to be a lot of naughty boys and girls rubbing some very sore bottoms in the streets of New York City.

Mrs Birch: Indeed! And thank you so much for asking me Richard. I look forward to catching up with you when I arrive!

As noted above, if you wish to contact Mrs. Birch to arrange an appointment with her in New York City you can reach her first at Mrs. Birch also has a new blog which is located at

If you schedule an appointment with her then good luck, just don’t come crying to me when you can’t sit down for a week, lol 🙂

Richard Windsor.


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