Cecil And Sally

A reader of this blog by the name of Dean alerted me to this audio program and today I will share the three parts with you. Before I do that though,  disaster struck me last night and my PC crashed. Thankfully it was still powered on,  and while it made an awful racket,  I was able to recover all of my data so I didn’t lose any awesome photos I have saved. Probably won’t be able to transfer it all to this new PC until the weekend,  but thank goodness I saved it all.

So here are the audio parts. In the first episode  (Episode 0212)  includes the spanking,  but I have to be honest I have heard better acting on a clips4sale video 🙂  Part 2  (Episode 0213)  was my favorite,  especially the interaction between Sally and her uncle in which it is clearly implied that he isn’t adverse to spanking her when she needs it. In the final section  (Episode 0214)  is the follow up where Sally insists Cecil spank her when she needs it. Overall it is a very good set of audio broadcasts from September the 9th until September 11th,  1930. Click the play button in the middle of all three videos below.

2 comments to Cecil And Sally

  • Mikw

    Wow!! 88 years ago Some of our grandparents were like us. How they must have anticipated the next episode. Or how frustrated they may have felt if they knew they missed a previous episode. Loved them all. Loved her voice. Patter is everything. No visual here but great patter. Most sites should consider this more patter. Don’t start with nudity. If you get a gift you want it wrapped. So much for my thoughts Mike

  • Mike

    Wow!! 88 years ago. I can only imagine what a thrill for people (our grandparents) that were one of us to have heard this in the day. How they may have anticipated the next show. Or how frustrated they may have felt if the heard the 2nd or 3rd show knowing they missed the previous show etc. Hopefully someone will notice in some of the other old radio shows a reference and pass it on. I thought I sent this message earlier? but it didn’t go through. Thx Mike


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